Do you want more traffic on your blog or website? Of Course!

Who would ever be satisfied with the existing traffic on their website? Therefore, you might probably be stuck in the confusion of which company to choose from the heaps of the choices of companies, all claiming their services to be best from others. Fortunately, there are some traits of good SEO companies, one must observe them and only after comparing each of their services, must choose the best.

Traits of a good SEO company:-

1. Using Proper Analytic Tools

It is obvious that a woodcutter would be an expert in using his axe. Therefore, one of the most important and most common traits of a good SEO company is its expertise in using Analytical tools. They would be prompt in using Google analytics, moreover, would provide you with reports, and would be able to use those analytics to improve the reach of your blog or website to your potential customers.

2. Oriented Towards Conversion Rate

It is very important for the traffic to get converted into leads, if it is not happening then literally your invested capital is going into vain. Therefore, it is crucial for you to hire a company that focuses on conversion rate, and not merely providing you content. Drawing traffic is not only our main concern, however, but the conversion rate is also.

3. Effective Communication

One of the most important parts of any successful business is the effective communication process between the two companies. The root of all business is risk and trust. Therefore, a good SEO company won’t let their clients wait for an answer. Thus, there would be very little chances of miscommunication and the work can be carried out very efficiently and smoothly.

A decorated SEO company would contact your firm by themselves to provide you the reports. They would even ask for the time when you are available to talk about your plan and their solution. Therefore, binding all the above points, a good SEO company would be prompt in communication.

4. Walk the talk

Words are not changeable; therefore, anyone can say anything to promote their company. Being a company, if you are thinking of hiring an SEO company, then you must check the validity of their promises. A good company would always be backed by relevant data and statistics. A good SEO team would share their experience with other companies, with which you can judge their capabilities.

Steps before choosing the SEO company:-


Before doing anything, you need to have a clear mindset and a clearer vision of where you want to be, and where you want to drag the task that you have just started. Therefore, it is our first goal before you select a company to improve the SEO of your blogs too. You must be clear about what you want to achieve after hiring a company to improve the SEO. If you aren’t aware of it, then hire a digital marketing agency. It would come up to you with a much clearer picture of your goals.


In today’s world, if an individual even buys a handkerchief, they first visit the E-commerce page of the product and check its online rating. After ensuring that the product is of good quality do they choose to buy the product? Therefore, there is an option for collecting the reviews of the SEO Company too. Before choosing an SEO company and its services, you must collect the reviews.

Where would you find them?

You can get the reviews, and testimonials of the company on their site. Thus, you can judge how good the company is? You can even ask for a case study from the company, and therefore, can know about how the company works. There are lot of sources where you can find TOP SEO Companies like from Clutch, Upwork, TOPSEOs etc.


It doesn’t matter even if you are miles away from the SEO Company, but asking for scheduling a consultation meeting is never a bad idea. Instead, it is good, as you would get an opportunity of knowing about the kind of company willing to work for your company. The agency would be happy to research your company, to know more about you, as a good company always confronts its clients with a strategy to improve their business. And if they don’t have a vision of where to go, then it is surely not a good SEO company.

Moreover, you would get to know about them if you arrange a consultation with them, you would know whether they are passionate about the work you are offering? Whether you are able to understand their visions? And whether they are able to visualize what you see?


It is the most important step before investing your money into anything. You need to plan your investment properly because neither single thing can boost your sales, now it can be ignored to achieve optimum results. If you are going to invest your money in improving your SEO on any company, then it is recommended for you to pre-plan everything. When you reach the market for choosing the SEO Company, you would get to know the different SEO marketing firms and also about the different packages that they offer. Therefore, after knowing about every package, check which would suit your budget and move forward.

Don’ts: Below are the points which you must avoid while hiring an SEO agency:-


Trusting “Top SEO” lists

Google is a great source of information for everything. People use to search everything on it, such as best exercises for shoulder, top ten tourist spots, and even top SEO companies. But have you ever thought who would have made that list? It could be the correct list and there are possibilities, that the article that you are reading might have written with the intention of advertisement. Therefore, be aware of what you choose as your filter for selecting companies for shortlisting.

Using Google as your filter

There is a big chance that your filter prior to the shortlisting process is Google. I would recommend removing that filter. Why? Because there are a lot of companies that possess potential, charge low and deliver work on time but are not ranked well on Google for the keyword, best SEO companies.

Now the first question that comes to mind is that if it was the matter of any other services then you could have accepted this fact, but how to trust the services of a company that can’t even serve itself.

Very legit question!

However, there are some companies that work through referrals, i.e. they got referred from one client to another client. Therefore, if you put google as your first filter to search the top companies for SEO improvement then you yourself would remove many potential companies from the queue of best.

Think it like this, if a company ranks first on google that means it has good google rank, but what is the proof that the companies itself have improved its ranking; there are possibilities that they would have further hired any agency to improve their ranking on google, therefore, it is a bad practice to choose the best service from google.

Of course, if the agency which they are hiring can push their post to the first rank on google beating all the competition on google then probably it can push your website too. However, there are chances that you might get an elevated price for the same work

There is no Secret Ingredient

As you have stepped into building your own start-up, you should know that there are no secret ingredients in SEO.

Therefore, if a company claims its secret SEO service would boost the traffic and ranking of your website, and upon asking about that secret, they answer that it can’t be told, then beware. It is a very old technique of fooling people around. There was a time when it was secret but it is not now. It is a very open method, and therefore, you can just reject such a pitch of any company approaching you.


Every business today runs digitally. Even the approach to consumers is digital, the mode of the advertisement has upgraded, and therefore, SEO is a major concern for the business of today’s world. Therefore, it has become very important to either boost your blog post for google ranking or hire a Digital Marketing Agency that can help you boost the same. There is certain research that claims that approximately 30% of the traffic drawn to the website gets converted into the leads, and when these leads are nurtured with proper responses, follow up and ethical advertisement, they can be converted into potential customers too. So apart from the nurturing and advertisement process the most important thing to increase your customer is to increase the traffic on your website.

Therefore, the significance of SEO is clear. However, hiring any SEO company is a very good or intelligent choice.

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