Facebook is the number one social media platform as is known. It is also the platform utilized by most people. We use it for chatting with our friends. We can also share the things we love, such as photos, videos or even document files. Business owners use it to do full social media marketing. Facebook can also be your number one source of traffic and sales and a spot for branding. In terms of conversions and sales, Facebook has become one of the best drivers. The best, engaging and most effective Facebook marketing strategies are present here.

The existing traffic should be leveraged to your site

It is always advisable to have a website for every business. The website kind of functions as your sales transaction hub or storefront. Here, people buy your products or even learn more about the services that you have to offer.

The existing traffic can easily be leveraged on any website. This can be done by putting the social media icons that can be seen and clicked. The social media icons act as direct links to the prospective Facebook page. They also act as direct links to any other social media account pages that you might have.

It has been noticed that most websites put their social media icons above their respective home pages or headers. This is because this is the area where these icons can be seen easily. Therefore, this move provides a better click-through rate placement. Click-through rating is also known famously as CTR.

Utilizing your email signature to display the fan page URL

Email can be used as one of the most useful methods to contact or reach customers. The email signatures are utilized here to display the fan page URL. This makes the fan page URL the most effective tool. You should have your social media pages URL beneath your email messages or at your signature. This will ensure your recipient sees it easily. He or she might also probably click it. This can convert into traffic or a following. Some businesses have current events on their social media pages. Such companies might want to include them on the email signature with a call-to-action format. For example, “Want to receive a free sunglass? Like us on Facebook!”

Sending out email blasts is intriguing

The first goal that you should achieve is letting people know that you are present on Facebook. One of the best methods to do this is sending out an email blast.

Some examples of nice email marketing tools out there are Mail Chimp and A Weber.

Companies might want to consider sending an email blast between Monday and Wednesday mornings to attain the most conversions. This is a study from HubSpot, the Science of Email Marketing 2022. It stated that morning emails get high CTR.

Facebook page promotion in-store

Do you have a retail outlet or your store open for business? You can definitely promote your Facebook page and other social media accounts in-store is just another great method. You can let your customers know that you are indeed on Facebook.

If you can exert efforts on your Facebook marketing online, remember you should also be able to do it offline.

It is highly essential to put your social media account pages links on your business cards, front mirror or doors, walls, packaging and more.

Decide the best day to post

The Insights is one of the favourite features that Facebook pages have. You can go to the Insights for the Posts. Here, you will be able to see the average time that your followers are online.

Suppose you are planning to schedule three posts. You might definitely want to check out the best hours that your fans are online. On scheduling your post, you can select those hours.

To access the Posts Insights, you need to follow these steps. Go to your Facebook page. Click on “See Insights” above your Page. See your Insights overview from there. Find the Posts tab and click it. You can hover your mouse on the day that you need your post to be scheduled. Next, you will be able to see the best hours that your fans are online.

Tools such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social shall help you to find the data and metrics that you need. This includes what type of post you should be utilizing for your social media copies. Some free social media sharing plug-ins are Digg Digg – this is by Buffer and it displays all the popular social sharing buttons with counts. Flare features eye-catching and simple social sharing bar that lets your content get shared. Mash share is a high-performance sharing platform inspired by Mashable. It has two beautifully designed big buttons of “Share on Facebook” and “Tweet on Twitter”. You can use Ultimate Social Deux as well. Integrate Facebook plugins on the website to gain more advantages on branding awareness and followers.

Your status updates need to be created and scheduled

According to statistics, the daily active user on Facebook is around 757 mil. A certain percentage from these millions of people could be your next potential customers. With consistency, you need to post contents for your target audience if you want to use Facebook for the maximum advantages. Education, entertainment and empowering should be the goals.


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