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We Offer Custom Website Design Services

In this era of the digital landscape, a website is the first impression that customers have of your brand. That is why it is vital to make sure that the interaction is impressive. In essence, a website can have a massive impact on your brand.

However, creating a website is not the end of the job. It is crucial to understand that this online foundation needs constant monitoring. You need to update content, keep track of the metrics and make necessary changes. To outrank the competition, a compelling brand website is absolutely crucial.

It is vital that your customers have a website to look at when they search for your business online. If that doesn’t happen, you stand the chance of losing multiple potential clients.

That is why investing in a professional web designing service makes sense. You want to launch a website that is responsive, custom-made, and functional. You need customers to visit your site, again and again, to drive up the conversion rate. Moreover, you can also expect a steady flow of traffic to your website.

Obelisk Infotech, the leading web design company in India, offers excellent custom web design services. Our primary aim is to make sure that the site is SEO-friendly, thereby boosting the search engine rankings. Besides, you can count on our custom WordPress website design specialists to curate the site as per your preference.

Website Design Services

What is website design?

Website design is the designing or creation of a website for a business or brand. The website consists of single or multiple web pages displaying an amazing combination of different elements. These include various visual design elements such as photos, text, videos, and more.

Importance of web design

With a good website, a brand can influence the perspective of potential customers. It is a fantastic way to attract attention and get more leads and conversions. Moreover, it also provides an excellent user experience, ensuring that visitors can access the site without hassle.

Importance of Web Design

Transparency in our excellent web design services

Obelisk Infotech takes great pride in offering reliable WordPress custom web design services. We have a team of experienced web designers crafting the best strategy and plan for your website creation. Moreover, we maintain complete transparency in all stages of the web designing process. We provide monthly reports to note you of the progress of the project. As the best web development company in India, our experts encourage feedback so that we can customize the site accordingly.

Moreover, we are also transparent when it comes to web designing price rates. You can know about the different custom WordPress website design packages and services in detail. Get in touch with us, and we will explain everything to you in detail.

If you are eager to launch your site, you can rely on us. Being the leading web design company in India, we offer fast yet efficient web designing services. You can expect us to deliver exceptional services at the earliest possible.

Our website design services

UX Research

UX Research

UX or User experience research involves the use of different methods to gather information about target users. It ultimately aids in the designing processes that appeal to users.

Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design

Custom web design is the process of using different strategies and tools to fulfil unique business needs. Our esteemed experts ensure that your sites stand apart from the crowd.

Responsive Website

Responsive Website

It is essential to create a responsive website. These include making sure that the site looks aesthetically appealing and functional on multiple devices.

Website Redesign

Website Redesign

In order to stay ahead of the competition, revamping the brand site is essential. These include changes in the content, layouts, and more.

Speed optimization

Speed optimization

Speed optimization involves the different strategies used to improve the loading speed of web pages. Our team of certified web designers works on boosting the conversion rates of the site.

Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce Website

An excellent digital presence is essential to gain success for your business. We create efficient yet functional eCommerce sites with the integration of multiple features for an exceptional user experience.

Leading Web Design Company

Why are we different from others?

Obelisk Infotech is the leading web design company in India, offering unmatchable services. We boast of a team of skilled custom WordPress website design experts with years of expertise. With the usage of a wide array of tools and innovative solutions, we strive to attain customer satisfaction.

Our hassle-free web design process

At Obelisk Infotech, we follow a well-developed wordpress custom web design process for fruitful results. Take a look –


Our team of esteemed web design specialists assesses your company’s needs and goals. It is vital in developing the best design for your brand. Here, we ask multiple questions and interact often in order to make sure that we get the right idea.

Web design

Web design

After all the initial proceedings are done, we move on to the web designing process. Here, our certified web designers use custom templates to create innovative websites for your business.

Web development

Web development

In this stage, our wordpress website development India experts take care of the technical aspect. We make sure that the coding is clean and everything is optimized.

A-B Testing


Before offering the final product, we test it multiple times. This is to detect potential errors, bugs, and glitches. We resolve all the errors before handing over the website to the client.



Our experienced professionals take all possible steps to ensure that your site runs smoothly. However, problems may arise unexpectedly at any time. In that case, it becomes critical to conduct regular check-ups and maintenance to ensure that the site runs seamlessly.

Different elements of web design

There are various principles that constitute web designing. These include –

Aesthetic outlook

No matter the industry or niche your business is in, you need to have an attractive website. It is essential to understand that the appearance of the site matters more than you think. It tells a great deal about the brand and how you want visitors to view it. Without a doubt, a website with modern elements and catchy multimedia will have more conversion rates.

Grabbing attention

Visitors taking a look at your site are not enough. You need to make sure that they stay and opt for a purchase. It is essential to make sure that you grab the attention of the users. You need them focused on the brand and the offerings to increase the conversion rates. For that, you can include content that can be downloaded with ease. Moreover, you can also go for video tutorials and guides.


Navigation is a critical component of an efficient and stable website. The website needs to have a user-friendly navigation system. It needs to be as simple as possible in order to attract even the least tech-savvy consumers. There are various navigation styles that you can choose from for your website. The ultimate goal is to elevate the user experience.
Wordpress Web Design Services

WordPress web design services

Did you know that WordPress has an impressive market share of 60.8% in the CMS sector? In fact, the platform also powers about 14.7% of the top-ranking websites across the globe. It is, without a doubt, a preferred choice for website developers.

The user-friendly aspect of WordPress coupled with numerous beneficial features explains the staggering popularity. It is easy to build, update and maintain a website with WordPress.

At Obelisk Infotech, we offer excellent custom WordPress website design services. Get past the stiff market competition with our robust wordpress web design services. As the leading web design company in India, we ensure that all your business goals are met with ease. Besides, our skilled experts remain up-to-date about the latest trend and integrate changes needed to make the site more attractive.

Responsive web design services for excellent user experience

Responsive website design plays a crucial role in enhancing the user experience. With a responsive web design, you can provide excellent service at different devices and screen resolutions.

At Obelisk Infotech, we offer top-of-the-line responsive web design services. For that, we follow different guidelines and make sure that all the parameters are met. With the introduction of Google’s Core Web Vitals, our experts offer result-based web design services and check-mark all the metrics.

Why choose professionals for website designing?

Are you unsure about opting for professional web designing services? Take a look at the factors that explain why experts can help you in ways DIY tips cannot –

Boost the conversion rate

Excellent web designing services can help you fulfill the unique conversion goal of your business. In this era, conversion rates include online interaction that leads to profit for your brand. An intuitive and user-friendly website leads to a great first impression among consumers. This leads to easy conversion of potential visitors to loyal consumers.

Gain a competitive edge

Irrespective of the industry you are in, having a competitive edge over your rivals is important. You need to construct a stable website that can offer an excellent user experience to visitors. That is why brands need to have a website that can attract users at the first glance. Moreover, it also needs to be unique enough to stand apart from the competitors in the field.

Enhance search engine rankings

Did you know 80% of internet users opt to search for a product or service before making any decision? That is why it is vital to make sure that you are on the first page of the SERP. Your business needs to have the top slot to gain credibility in the market.

Our Latest Work

We take great pride in offering excellent web design services. Here is a display of some of our latest works.


Client Success Stories

Nona Panygeres

Founder: Nona Panygeres, USA

Hello Guys, for the last two years I have been working with Obelisk Infotech to design and make my website. Now as a therapist and coach are extremely essential for me to have a company or a group of people that I work with that truly understand my visions, wants and needs.


   Nona Pangares

Obelisk Team did a great job and was easy to work with. He proved to be very knowledgeable. Used the work diary consistently and provided weekly reports. It was a pleasure working with him. Our company decided to go another direction with SEO, but we would definitely hire him again.


   Shardasia Jacobs

Great SEO agency, very responsive in communication, the best part is the weekly report where you can see the progress in works. Thank you!


   Rom Roc

A very knowledgeable and honest freelancer who charged me less than I had intended to pay based on his assessment of the scope. Would definitely work with this freelancer again.


    Tesfaye O’Sullivan

I hired Obelisk Team to work on SEO for my website, and he was efficient, communicative, and effective. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking for this type of work.


   Rom Roc

Obelisk Team was an absolute pleasure to work with, he is extremely good at what he does, has helped our off-page SEO a lot and the only reason we are stopping is so I can rehire him again on the new company account! Very detailed at what he does with great weekly reporting, I would highly recommend Shagun's services to anyone.


    Harry Raworth

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to create a website?
There is no fixed price rate for website designing. That is because there are multiple factors involved in the development of a site. These include the latest technology used, functionalities of the website, the complex level, the number of pages, and many more. At Obelisk Infotech, we offer exceptional web design services at competitive price rates. From us, you can expect a custom template that makes your site stand apart from the rest.
2. Why is Obelisk Infotech the best option for website designing?

When it comes to website designing, Obelisk Infotech is a leading service provider in the market. With the assistance of a team of web design experts, we offer creative yet reliable custom WordPress website design services. You can definitely rely on us to develop a catchy yet functional website for your business.

3. Will my website be present on the search engine result page?

During the creation of the website, we maintain and follow all the SEO guidelines. That is a sure way of ensuring that the site is SEO-friendly. Our team of skilled web designers makes sure that your site is optimized fully. However, to get top ranking in the SERP, you need to opt for SEO or PPC services. We, at Obelisk Infotech, can help you with that too. We offer a wide range of digital marketing services.

4. Do I have ownership of my site?
Yes, your website belongs to only you. While we work on the website and bring it into existence, you have complete ownership. We do not have any rights over it at any point in the project.