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Whether you’re a small business, e-commerce store, or a large corporation, our customized WordPress solutions are designed to meet your specific needs. Acquire our excellent WordPress website services, and you’ll witness a significant boost in brand visibility, improved online performance, and increased user engagement.

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Leading WordPress Website

Do you want to set up a site using WordPress? Without a doubt, WordPress is the leading content management system in the world, powering top-ranking websites. To gain success in the digital landscape, creating a WordPress website is essential.

Obelisk Infotech, the top-ranking WordPress SEO agency, offers excellent WordPress site development services. Our team of esteemed WordPress experts develops the best WordPress sites that drive up the traffic rate.

We use innovative solutions and opt for an out-of-the-box approach to make your site more SEO-friendly. For that, our WordPress SEO expert takes the assistance of the latest technology and suite of tools. With years of industry expertise, we can develop sites tailor-made to fit your evolving business needs.

Core aspects of WordPress SEO

Optimize WordPress Comments

Optimize WordPress Comments

There are multiple plugins that you can use to optimize WordPress Comments. Our esteemed WordPress SEO consultant uses the best tools for your WordPress website.

NoFollow External Links

NoFollow External Links

Nofollow links are those links that have the HTML tag rel=”nofollow”. With these tags, the search engine is made to ignore or overlook the link. That way, these links do not make an impact on the rankings on the search engine.

Speed and Security

Speed and Security

There are different ways and plugins that you can use to optimize the speed and security of WordPress sites. Our WordPress experts clear the database and media library.

Optimizing Images

Optimizing Images

Using the best images is crucial to optimizing your WordPress website. For that, our experienced WordPress professionals opt for a wide range of tactics.

SEO Tools and Resources

SEO Tools and Resources

There are numerous SEO plugins and tools that experts can use to increase the efficiency of the WordPress website. That way, the sites have a better chance to get top ranking in the search engine.

Keyword Research WordPress SEO

Doing Keyword Research

Keyword research is a critical factor in SEO campaigns. Our team of skilled WordPress SEO experts conducts extensive keyword research to get the right keyword list.

Wordpress SEO Consultant

Basics of SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization involves the usage of strategies or tactics used to boost site visibility. That way, it can increase the search engine result page ranking for the website. Moreover, it also attracts more traffic to the website, leading to an impact on the overall sales and revenue.

Optimizing the website for SEO is crucial to gain more visibility. It is an excellent way for consumers to recognize the brand.

Importance of SEO

The importance of SEO for any business is unparalleled. If you have not yet stepped into the digital landscape, you are at a disadvantage. Rest assured, all your competitors have already marked their presence on the web.

With SEO, you can establish credibility in the industry. It allows you to increase the traffic rate to the site while boosting brand visibility. Moreover, it also helps in building a bond of trust with your consumers.

It is crucial to understand that without SEO optimization, search engine algorithm will not be able to rank your website properly. As a result, you might lose your position on the first page in the search engine result.

Wordpress SEO Company
Wordpress SEO Expert

Our WordPress experts assist in getting your website on the first page of the search engine result

As the leading WordPress SEO company, Obelisk Infotech offers excellent result-driven services. We boast of a group of SEO professionals with years of expertise. Apart from that, we have a carefully selected team of digital marketers ready to develop the best WordPress website for your site. Our primary aim is to ensure that you get the desired ranking on the search engine result page.

Our approach to building WordPress SEO sites is customer-centric. We focus on your business needs and goals before developing any plans or strategies. For that, our certified WordPress SEO expert opts for the usage of the latest tools and devices. We ensure that the brand site is completely optimized for maximum visibility and traffic.

Obelisk Infotech offers a comprehensive list of web solutions for your business. Be it SEO, PPC, or social media marketing – you can rely on our expert team for all. Moreover, we charge competitive price rates for our top-notch services. We strive to deliver result-oriented services as soon as possible.

Is WordPress the best option for an SEO-optimized website?

With the ever-increasing popularity of WordPress, it has quickly become one of the most efficient CMS for SEO-friendly websites. Take a look at why WordPress is the preferred option for website developers –

Keyword Research

Easy management of metadata

Did you know that search engine rankings can be influenced by metadata and SEO titles? Adding relevant keywords to the titles and metadata increases site visibility manifold. Now, the search engine algorithm can assign a better position to your website in the SERP ranking.

Creation of Permalinks

Creation of Permalinks

URL is an important feature of a website. You don’t want it to be weird and long, making users forget your site instantly. One of the best aspects of WordPress is that you can use features to edit the permalink of the website with ease. Moreover, you can add keywords to it, making it more SEO-friendly.

Enhances User Experience

Enhances user experience

The wide array of plugins, themes, and tools work in sync to make your website attractive yet functional. That makes the overall user experience of your site impressive. Moreover, you can reduce the average bounce rate considerably. What’s more? Google definitely gives preference to the websites that cater to an excellent user experience.

Excellent Page Speed

Excellent page speed

The factors that Google uses to rank websites in the SERP include page speed. Thus, if your website loads slowly and causes user frustration, you can expect the site to go down in the SERP rankings. But, with WordPress, you don’t have to worry about that at all. There are different plugins available that make the page speed fast.

Top Grade Content

Image optimization is easy

In order to draw attention from the users, adding images to the site is essential. These are, in fact, powerful tools that you can use to increase the traffic rate of the website. WordPress offers multiple opportunities to optimize the images. For instance, you can add image descriptions to the image. There you can include the relevant keyword for maximum optimization. Moreover, you can also resize images.

SEO Friendly Optimization

Specifically made for SEO

Lastly, the best part about WordPress is that there are several plugins that are wholly dedicated to SEO optimization. Using them can enable you to gain higher ranks in the SERP. For instance, you can use Yoast SEO or Rank Math for making the website more SEO-friendly.

WordPress website design

Designing a WordPress website is not an easy feat. But, as the leading WordPress SEO agency, we accomplish this task with relative ease. Our esteemed designers use the latest tools and brainstorm innovative ideas to design the best WordPress site for your brand.

Moreover, we ensure that the website is easy to navigate. Plus, our experts also make sure that running the site on your own after we deliver it won’t be much of a hassle.

Wordpress Website Design

Our WordPress SEO price rates

The price rate of WordPress SEO services varies based on multiple factors. One such factor is the target keywords. If you have a local business, then the keywords you want are not as competitive as the one that ranks nationwide. In that case, you can get a reduced cost rate.

Apart from that, the kind of website you have makes a huge difference. If your website has few pages, the price rate will be low. But, if you have an eCommerce website that needs complete optimization, that’s going to cost a significant amount. Moreover, it will also take time for the results to match your business goals.

Besides, the existing position of the site on the SERP also plays a huge role. For instance, if your website is on page twenty, then moving it to the first page will need time and money generously. But, if it is on the second page, then shifting to the first one will not take as much time and cost.

Obelisk Infotech is the leading WordPress SEO company in India. We take great pride in offering top-notch services with the help of our team of esteemed industry experts. Moreover, you can get competitive price rates for our high-quality services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is WordPress SEO-friendly?

Even from the initial stages, WordPress is one of the best platforms for SEO optimization. The SEO friendliness of the software increases when you use themes and tools that are SEO-friendly. That makes it easy for the content management system to make the website even more SEO-friendly.

2. How to SEO optimize a WordPress website?

There are different ways to make a WordPress website SEO friendly. For instance, keyword research matters a great deal. You need to use the right keywords throughout the site for enhanced visibility in the search engine ranking. Apart from that, optimized images, high-quality content, fast page speed are also essential factors.

3. How long does it take for the SEO to work?

Unfortunately, there is no particular time frame that can describe the time it takes for the SEO to work. Generally, it takes around four to six months but the time period may vary based on different factors. For instance, the condition of the existing SEO campaign, the website state, your budget, and the expertise of the agency are vital parameters. At Obelisk Infotech, we strive to attain quick results with our well-developed SEO strategies.

4. Can Obelisk Infotech help me in setting up a WordPress website?

Being the leading WordPress SEO agency, Obelisk Infotech can definitely help you in creating a WordPress website. For that, we have a team of certified experts. We develop an elaborate website creation plan after understanding your business needs and goals.