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As one of the leading digital marketing service providers in the industry, Obelisk Infotech offers the best SEO reseller services in india to the clients. With the support of our certified and dynamic crew of SEO experts, we provide top-notch SEO services that facilitate the growth of other SEO agencies. Outsourcing your SEO needs is now easy and hassle-free!
With vast industry expertise, we provide high-quality SEO reseller programs to a wide range of digital marketing companies. Our extensive white label SEO services focus on ensuring that you get the best services at the most competitive price rates.
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SEO Reseller Company

Different SEO Reseller solutions to boost brand growth

White Label SEO

White Label SEO

In essence, White Label SEO is the outsourcing of SEO services that aid online marketing firms to focus on other aspects. As the leading SEO outsourcing company India, we offer excellent SEO services at attractive rates that clients can sell under their brand name. Our team of SEO experts ensures that we meet the business goals of your clients with ease.

White Label SEO Services

SEO Services

SEO services include a wide range of practices that help to improve brand visibility and website traffic rate. Our outsource SEO services in India are unique, catering to the distinct need of the clients. We boast of offering tailor-made solutions meant to boost the growth of your clients.

SEO Link Building Reseller

Link Building

In link building, our esteemed white label SEO agency experts gather links from other high-profile websites to the sites of your clients. That is an excellent way to establish brand credibility and improve the rankings of the SERP. We provide top-quality backlinks via guest posts, blogs, and with other methods for the site.

PPC Reseller Company India

PPC Reseller

Let our experts help you curate the best PPC campaign for your clients while you sell them under your brand name. We assure you that our team of experienced white label SEO agency professionals will aid in garnering high sales and traffic rates for your clients with ease.

Social Media Reseller Agency India

Social Media

In today’s era, not using social media for marketing is a crime. We provide excellent white label social media offerings to assist in enhancing the brand engagements for your clients. As a reputed white label SEO company, we offer innovative solutions and unique concepts for top-notch solutions and customer satisfaction.

Web Design Reseller Agency

Web Design

One of the biggest challenges that brands face is the development of an attractive yet functional website. With our white label web design services, we help you offer the services that your clients need. Let us know the expectations of your clients, and we will create customized websites!

SEO Reseller Services

Who can opt for SEO reseller services?

White label SEO services are the best for –

  • Those who have no time or budget to set up an SEO agency
  • Those who lack knowledge or information regarding SEO and related services
  • Those who don’t want to handle client management

Various services that you can get from our white label SEO reseller packages

Free website SEO audit report with your logo

Free website SEO audit report with your logo

We initiate SEO projects with a comprehensive website audit that is done absolutely free of charge. Our team of SEO experts assesses the SEO score and condition of the site of your client and compiles an accurate analysis. Here, we consider various aspects such as content, page speed, etc. That way, we, as the best SEO reseller company, can develop efficient plans to better the SEO needs of your client under your brand name.

Free SEO proposals for your clients

Free SEO proposals for your clients

The next step in our well-crafted SEO reseller service is the designing of comprehensive SEO proposals. We assess the website of your client and note down the problem areas. After that, we as the white label SEO firm curates a well-developed SEO plan that satisfies the business goals of your client. We cover different aspects related to SEO with efficiency and submit them under your brand.

Detailed weekly and monthly SEO reports

Detailed weekly and monthly SEO reports under your brand name

As a well-reputed SEO reseller company in India, we provide weekly, and monthly SEO reports. Our crew of SEO specialists offers an in-depth assessment of the SEO campaign after the end of each week and month. That makes it hassle-free for you and your client to track the progress. This also aids in implementing changes to the SEO campaign after client feedback.

Non-disclosure agreement

Non-disclosure agreement

SEO reseller programs work best under the signing of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). As the pioneer of SEO outsourcing india, we offer an agreement that assures you of our confidentiality. Under no scenario will we share or leak any information related to you or your clients. You can definitely rely on us to meet the demands of your clients with dedicated support from our team.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated support

When we boast of being the best white label SEO agency, it’s not in vain! With the assistance of our team of certified, skilled, and experienced SEO experts, we provide excellent SEO reseller services. From us, you can expect dedicated support for all your SEO projects. We are always available to offer assistance in anything that you might need.

Client Ownership & Privacy

Client Ownership & Privacy

We understand the importance of privacy and client confidentiality. That is why, we at Obelisk Infotech, make sure that you never have to worry about these aspects. All the information you give us about your clients is safe and secure. Besides, your partnership with us is also confidential. With us, you never have to worry about client stealing or information infringement.

How we help businesses to grow online?

Please share following information to understand your requirements for detailed proposal.

SEO reseller programs for all businesses

Obelisk Infotech offers a wide range of white label SEO services. With our extensive list of services, we offer satisfactory results to all businesses, irrespective of the niche. Our professional team offers dedicated support to you and your client at all times.
SEO Reseller Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are white label services legal?
Yes, white labelling or the services that fall under the white label are completely legal. Under this protocol, one company can offer white label SEO services under its name that it acquires from another agency.
2. What are the advantages of White Label SEO?
White Label SEO offers a wide range of benefits. These include an increase in revenues, attaining customer satisfaction, offering customized SEO solutions to clients, and enabling you to focus on other aspects of your business. With Obelisk Infotech at you service, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the white label SEO services.
3. Is keyword research a part of the SEO reseller services?

Keyword research is a crucial part of SEO reseller services. Without the right keywords, the successful execution of a long-term SEO campaign is not possible. Our white label SEO company experts conduct extensive research and make a list of the right keywords to boost the growth of your client’s business.

4. Will my client know about Obelisk Infotech?
No, our non-disclosure agreement and strict adherence to privacy and client ownership prevent your clients from knowing about Obelisk Infotech. We work anonymously and offer excellent services that you can resell under your brand name.
5. Why opt for Obelisk Infotech as your White Label SEO reseller partner?
With decades of expertise, Obelisk Infotech offers exceptional SEO outsourcing services in india. We boast of a dedicated team of SEO specialists who have access to a wide array of tools and solutions. Take a look at the reasons that explain why choosing us is an excellent idea –
Support system: We have a committed team offering excellent support to our clients with weekly and monthly white label reports.

Convenience: Our team of in-house SEO experts works as per the time zone of your clients so that you can offer services on time.

Other services: Apart from SEO reseller services, we also provide website analysis, personalized SEO proposals, etc.

6. What does the White Label SEO Reseller Program mean?

In essence, the White Label SEO Reseller Program is the services that we offer under your brand name. It means that you can now outsource your SEO project to us and deliver high-quality content back to your clients. Our identity remains anonymous, ensuring that your business gets the opportunity to get the success you desire. At Obelisk Infotech, we follow a strict NDA and assure that no leakage will ever occur from our side.

7. Can you go into details about the workings of the White Label SEO Reseller Program?
The White Label SEO Reseller Program working module that we follow is well-developed. Firstly, we get your SEO project and sign up for the NDA. That way, you can relax knowing that we will never come forward to your clients. After that, we move forward with the audit report and SEO proposal. We maintain a robust communication system and proceed with the project. You can view our monthly and weekly reports to track the progress of the SEO project with ease.
8. Do you have sample works that my firm can show as our portfolio to clients?
Obelisk Infotech has a comprehensive white label SEO services list. We take great pride in declaring that we take care of all your SEO needs. That includes offering sample works that you can show off your portfolio. As soon as you obtain our SEO reseller services, we offer you a dashboard that contains the white label SEO link. With this link, you can gain access to websites that will serve as your potential samples.
9. What advantages can I get by associating with your company?
With Obelisk Infotech, we offer multiple benefits to all our clients. For instance, you get access to our dedicated team of SEO experts catering to the needs of your clients with ease. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about SEO projects anymore. Relax, focus on other facets of your business and let us handle these projects for you. We assure you that profits and an increase in client retention take place.
10. How long does it take for the results to appear for my clients?
Sadly, there is no time limit to getting guaranteed SEO results for your clients. That is mainly because there are various factors at play here. For instance, there is a need to constantly monitor the competition, frequency of updates, current trends, etc. Moreover, the time and budget you invest make a big difference. The usual time period that it takes for the site to gain position on the first page of SERP ranking can be between 3-6 months. However, it can take more than that too.
11. What are the SEO strategies that we follow?
Our comprehensive SEO strategies include following the rules dictated by the Google Webmaster. We use white hat SEO techniques and do not propagate any cheating tactics. Google levies heavy penalties if you are caught violating any of their guidelines. That is why our experts watch out for the latest updates from Google. After that, we re-adjust campaigns to fulfil the needs of your clients.
12. How Does White Label Reporting Work
At Obelisk Infotech, we provide weekly and monthly SEO reports. The primary aim of sending such frequent reports is to make sure that you are well aware of the proceedings of the SEO project. That way, you can suggest changes and offer quality feedback. All our white label SEO services, including the reports, have your logo and brand name on them.
13. Why is opting for SEO reseller services a better idea as opposed to building a new SEO agency?
Starting a new SEO agency is an exciting venture that will need time, budget, and infrastructure. You will need to invest a substantial amount to get the business rolling. On the contrary, outsourcing SEO services is advantageous. Here, you only need to opt for the SEO reseller program packages and get the work done. Saving time, money, and resources are easy and hassle-free. We at Obelisk Infotech offer excellent white label SEO services at affordable price rates.

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