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Social Media Marketing Services

How does social media marketing work?

Social media marketing or SMM uses SMO (social media optimization). In this marketing tactic, professionals utilize different social media sites and platforms to get in touch with potential customers. If done right, brands can witness an increase in sales and visibility.

  • Increase in sales and lead generation
  • Extending the audience base of the brand
  • Improving community engagement
  • Propagation of brand awareness

Our approach to setting up an effective SMM campaign

At Obelisk Infotech, we kickstart the social media marketing campaign with a detailed assessment of the industry, target audience, and the top competitors in the market. Our team of certified Our team of certified social media marketing in India experts aims to develop an incredible social presence that will attract more customers for your brand. With our excellent strategies, we showcase your offerings to the target audience and help you connect with them.

The development of the right social media strategy is absolutely crucial. Our esteemed experts at Obelisk Infotech ensure that we post or launch the right content on the right platform for maximum benefits. For us, the primary goal is to increase your brand awareness and boost the customer engagement rate. Often, that is followed by an increase in leads and conversion rates.

For the best results, we use a wide array of tools and follow a well-developed strategy. Besides, we opt for both organic and paid solutions to attain success. The optimization of the SMM campaign is done in a way that develops a deeper connection between the consumers and the brand.

The core aspects of social media marketing

Social Media Marketing Strategy


The first step towards the planning of an efficient social media marketing campaign is the development of a customer-based strategy. For this, we, the best social media marketing agency in India, understand your business goals.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Planning and Publishing

The next aspect is the planning of an excellent social media strategy. For the excellent promotion of the brand, you will need to publish relevant content in the social media profile of the business.

Listening and Engagement

Listening and Engagement

You need to make your audience feel appreciated. For that, you need to pay attention to what your audience is saying. Check out the comments and messages the target audience leaves on your post.

Social Media Marketing Analytics


Posting informative yet fun content is not enough. Social media marketing also includes assessing the metrics to see if any changes need to be done.
SMM Campagin Reporting


After that, reporting of the data assessed and the ongoing details of the campaign need to be compiled. This is shared with clients and reviewed for further improvements in the SMM campaign.


Another aspect of social media marketing is social advertisements. Usage of different social ads will facilitate the growth of your brand, along with increasing visibility.

Various social media marketing services

Obtain the best social media marketing campaigns to boost business growth


PPC advertising

Integration of PPC ad impressions with the social media marketing campaign drives up the business growth rate significantly. Our social media marketing experts in India set up the best social media PPC advertising campaign for your brand. For that, we conduct extensive research on the market and locate the right keywords. After that, usage of high-quality videos and images aids in increasing the ROAS.


Content writing

Irrespective of the social media platform you want to target, you need to have insightful yet fun-to-read content. For that, our experienced content writers are here to offer assistance. With years of expertise, our team of dedicated content writers focuses on ensuring that your brand message is conveyed to the audience. You can expect high-quality content that increases customer engagement significantly from the best social media marketing agency India.


Email marketing

Email marketing campaigns are an effective technique in expanding the online reach of the brand. Moreover, it is also an excellent way to connect with loyal customers and drive up conversion rates. We have trained social media professionals that work on integrating email marketing solutions with the SMM campaign. Our experts curate custom email content that you can send to your prospects to boost credibility and engagement.


The process of SMM and SEO campaigns result in increased brand awareness and improvement of the traffic rate to the site. At Obelisk Infotech, our SMM experts perform a detailed assessment of the market in order to set up the best integrated campaign. Moreover, all our social media marketing strategies are executed, keeping in mind the SEO parameters.


Video development

Did you know that by 2022, 82% of the web traffic globally will actually come from video download and streaming? That clearly is an indication that videos are here to stay. Moreover, 55% of online users view videos online each day. Videos dedicated to different social media platforms are the best tools to capture the audience’s attention.

Link building

Our esteemed SEO experts at Obelisk Infotech utilize different social media marketing strategies to obtain top-quality backlinks. With effective link building tactics, we connect the brand with reputed bloggers and share the content across multiple media sharing platforms. That ultimately leads to an increase in lead generation.


CRO or conversion rate optimization

Simply posting content on social media is unlikely to yield any results. Here, one needs to keep a close eye on the social media conversion rates. As one of the leading social media marketing company India, our skilled SMM experts work on making sure that your social media content is optimized. For this, we assess your landing pages, tweak the headlines, add images and videos while integrating powerful CTAs in the content.

Reasons why businesses must adopt social media marketing

In this era of technological hype and online craze, not utilizing social media sites and platforms for marketing your brand is ludicrous. With such stiff competition in the market, you don’t want to give any opportunities to your contenders. To ensure that your target audience knows about your social media presence, you need to opt for excellent social media marketing services.

Why Businesss Must Adopt Social Media Marketing

Take a look at the reasons that explain why businesses actually need SMM services

  • With effective social media marketing strategies, it is possible to build one-on-one communication with the customers.
  • The right SMM tactics will definitely aid in increasing brand awareness.
  • With an assertive digital presence of your brand, you can work towards expansion with ease.
  • Posting interesting, funny, and relevant content will definitely get you the loyal customer base you desire.
  • The establishment of a remarkable brand tone conveys the brand message.

What makes us stand apart from others?

Obelisk Infotech is the leading social media management company in India. With the assistance of a team of reliable SMM experts, we take care of the social media needs of your business. Moreover, our SMM professionals assess the client’s needs and business goals to develop the best strategies. For that, we make use of a wide array of tools and solutions.

Being the leading social media marketing company India, we create effective social media campaigns to increase brand awareness across multiple channels. You can expect the development of meaningful connections with your target audience. Our SMM services are available at competitive price rates with the assurance of a promising ROI.


How do we market your business on social media sites?

Do you want to establish your brand as a market leader in the niche that you are targeting? In that case, opting for a reputed social media marketing company can make all the difference. We at Obelisk Infotech, the leading social media marketing agency India, adopt creative ideas, unique concepts, and data-driven strategies to ensure that you have a leader-like position in the market.

However, it is essential to note that being a leader or SMM expert doesn’t happen all of a sudden. It takes time, but with our cumulative efforts, we assure you that your brand can establish authority in the market.

Creating the best social media content is extremely crucial to grabbing the attention of the target audience. After that, opting for the best social media sites and channels takes precedence. Each step involved in the development of an effective social media marketing campaign is crucial for its success.

Do you want to utilize the marketing opportunities that social media brings? Our team of social media experts curates the best strategies and makes sure that your brand is promoted across different online platforms with ease.


Is partnering with a reputed social media marketing firm a good idea?

If you are thinking that positioning frequent updates about your brand on various social media platforms can save your budget, think again! Sure, you can post content on different sites about your brand, but are they really obtaining the results you want? That is why partnering with a reputed social media marketing agency makes sense. You want professionals to handle the social media strategies, so that you can focus on the business aspects you excel at.

When you get on board with the services of an experienced social media marketing firm, you get access to their industry expertise and SMM experts. Our dedicated team of social media specialists strives to develop unique SMM strategies for your brand. From innovative images to quirky captions, their primary aim is to drive up the customer engagement rate.
Investing in high-end marketing software is absurd, especially if you do not know its full potential. But, with the hiring of a reliable Social Media Marketing agency, you can gain access to their tools that are available within the price package.

You can expect an increase in brand awareness, along with connection to customers and enhancement of the sale rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Obelisk Infotech help me with social media marketing?

Yes, we at Obelisk Infotech can definitely set you up with an effective social media marketing campaign. We create efficient social marketing strategies to increase online revenue, boost brand awareness and meet your business goals. Our team of SMM experts is well aware that customization is the key to enhancing the market growth of each brand.

2. What are the different types of social media?
There are various types of social media that brands can leverage to propel their business. These include –

  • Shopping networks
  • Q&A forums
  • Media sharing networks
  • Consumer review sites
  • Social networks
  • Bookmarking
  • Blogging
  • Photo sharing networks
  • Video hosting site
3. Can social media marketing boost your business growth?
With the ever-increasing number of users hopping onto social media platforms and networks, not using it for your brand promotion is absurd. You need to use these platforms as a means to develop a better communication system with your audience. That way, you can boost brand awareness, connect with customers and get more leads.
4. What is the budget you need to keep for social media marketing?

The price rates for social media marketing services vary based on different factors. These include the scope of the strategy, ad spend, the number of social media sites and networks, the customizations you want, and the agency. At Obelisk Infotech, we offer affordable price rates for SMM services.

5. Is social media marketing the same as digital marketing?

It is wrong to equalize social media marketing with digital marketing. Basically, digital marketing is a broad term that covers social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, etc. Social media marketing is essentially a part of a comprehensive digital marketing campaign.

6. What are some of the popular social media sites that we can help you with?

There are numerous social media sites that can aid in expanding the online presence of your brand. At Obelisk Infotech, we offer assistance with some of the popular social media platforms, such as –