Affordable SMO Packages India

Obelisk Infotech is the leading Social Media company in India. We offer top-rated SMO services. With the assistance of a team of skilled SMO professionals with years of industry expertise, you can rely on us. Irrespective of the niche or size of your company, our talented experts will set up the best SMO campaign for you.

We are well aware that every company has different needs. That is why we offer various Social media services in the form of budget-friendly packages. No way does the competitive price rate affect or compromises the quality of our services. In fact, we take great pride in stating that we have an extensive list of satisfied customers.

For the best services, our dedicated SMO experts assess the needs of your brand. After that, we conduct extensive research and brainstorm different strategies. Picking a combination of tactics that best suit your business is the next move.

Let our experts help you get the recognition your brand deserves. Discuss with us your end goal and opt for our affordable SMO packages.

SMO Packages and Plans

SMO or social media optimization aids in strengthening trust with your users in the digital landscape. Obelisk Infotech offers excellent Social media services. We offer a wide range of SMO services, which include optimization of different social media platforms. These are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. We also conduct competitor analysis, social postings, social media strategy development, and more.

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2 (FB & IG) Account Management


3 Account Management

$349 Per

4 Account Management

$549 Per


Account Management


2 Account Management


3 Account Management


4 Account Management

Facebook Management
Page Creation
Facebook Cover And Profile Pic Creation
Page Optimization
Call To Action Button Creation
Posting Per Week
Facebook Story Creation
Post Sharing In Groups
Video Posting(Provide By Client)
Creation Of Facebook Polls/ Quizs
Responding To Comments
Page Monitoring

Instagram Management
Page Creation
Cover And Profile Pic Creation
Page Optimization
Link With Facebook Page
Posting Per Week
Instagram Story Creation
Image Tagging
IGTV Upload( Video provided by Client)

Instagram Analytics Monitoring

Youtube Management
Channel Creation
Channel Pic & Cover Pic Creation
Video Optimization (Provided By Client)
Thumbnail Creation
Keyword Research
Video Tags Creation
Playlist Creation
YouTube Analytics Monitoring

Video Backlinks

Twitter Management
Profile Creation
Profile & Background Picture Creation
Tweet Per Week
List Creation
Active In Trending Hashtag
Creation Of Poll
Following Industry Related People

Twitter Analytics Monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

SMO or social media optimization involves the usage of social media platforms and networks to monitor the online presence of a brand. It can also be used to interact with potential customers, relay brand messages, and improve awareness about the latest services and products. If done right, SMO can become a reliable digital marketing strategy.

2. Can social media optimization drive more traffic and help expand my online business?

Yes, social media optimization can increase traffic and aid in the expansion of your online business. The ever-increasing popularity of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., is indicated by the vast active user base. Most individuals have a presence on these social media sites. That is why using social media ads and optimizing them is an excellent idea. You can connect with millions of potential target audiences with ease. Ultimately, it will aid in driving more traffic to your brand website. Apart from that, it is also an excellent way to increase conversion rates, sales, and overall revenue.

3. If I am getting SEO done already, would I still need SMO?

Firstly, you need to understand that SEO and SMO are different digital marketing strategies. That means SEO and SMO aren’t interdependent. Having SEO doesn’t mean you won’t need SMO. While SEO or search engine optimization handles organic traffic and improves SERP ranking, SMO handles the social media platforms and boots brand reputation.

4. Is SMO beneficial to my site's rankings?

Yes, SMO is incredibly beneficial when it comes to site rankings. With SMO, you can get top-quality links, thereby playing a significant role in improving SERP rankings. In fact, a unique combination of SMO and SEO is the ideal solution for attaining success in the digital landscape.

5. Are your SMO packages comprehensive enough for large businesses too?

We offer reliable and top-quality SMO packages. These include Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, Blog set up, etc. With us, you can relax knowing that you will get high-quality services worth your investment. Apart from that, we also provide customization based on the needs of your business.

6. How can we increase our reach on Facebook?

The hype surrounding social media platforms such as Facebook is undeniable. As such, utilizing Facebook for brand promotion is an excellent idea. In fact, if you are not using it for your business, you are allowing your competitors to gain an edge. The best way to increase brand reach on Facebook is to set up a reliable Facebook ad campaign. The goal of the campaign should be precise. You also need to post quirky yet relevant content on your Facebook page. Keep in mind that the more people like, share and comment, the more you will reach out to the target audience. You also need to maintain consistency, and for that, you can schedule the posts.

7. What are tools used for SMO?

SMO or social media optimization is an excellent way to market your brand on different social media platforms. However, without the use of the right tools, getting the desired result is not possible. There are various SMO tools that you can help out your campaign. For instance, you can use for building profiles. Apart from that, you can opt for Google Insights to know more about the latest trends related to keywords. Using to understand the social visibility score is a great idea. Long and complicated URLs can actually prevent traffic from going to your website. To remedy the situation and obtain custom URLs, you can use Apart from this, there are other excellent tools too that you can use for SMO.

8. Can we gain followers on YouTube with SMO?

It is without a doubt that video content is gaining massive popularity. With well-shot, high-quality and informative content, you can garner attention from the target audience with ease. If you are wondering about gaining followers on YouTube with SMO, the question is not absurd. In fact, you can definitely get more followers by utilizing SMO. For instance, you can integrate the URL of the YouTube channel with the SML string. That way, you can lure viewers to visit your channel repeatedly. That way, you can increase the customer base. Other excellent techniques include the usage of the watermark to display the brand name. Viewers need to be aware of the existence of your brand, and a watermark can help with that. You can also upload exciting yet unique thumbnails for the video to get more attention. With these SMO tactics, you can surely increase the follower count.

9. How to increase popularity in quick time?

Fame is not an easy feat to achieve. To get popularity quickly, you need to put in extra effort, time, and money. However, you can take advantage of the different social media platforms to get started. First of all, you need to choose a niche that reflects your personality the best. You need to be relatable to the target audience. After that, you must select the platforms you want to target. For instance, if you have a great camera presence, you can choose YouTube or Instagram. However, if your strong point is your voice, go for podcasts. Apart from the video content, you can also concentrate on writing blogs and articles. Here, consistency plays a significant role. You need to schedule your uploads regularly. Apart from that, you also need to set up reliable digital marketing campaigns to increase awareness. You can also collaborate with other influencers or bloggers to create your content. But, you also need to be careful when it comes to self-promotion. Too much of it can deter the audience from connecting to you.

10. Can we use the same content on different Social Media channels?

Yes, you can definitely share the same content on different social media channels. This technique is also known as cross-posting. In fact, you can even upload the same content multiple times. However, it is not a good idea to do it often. If you don’t upload regular content, eventually, your audience will slip away. That way, you can encounter a wide range of drawbacks. The loss of customers will definitely reflect on your brand value and sales. Keep in mind that gaining customers takes a lot of time and effort. And losing them due to this reason is definitely a bad decision. Instead, pen new content and upload them to keep the customers interested.

11. Is SMO part of digital marketing?

Yes, SMO is one of the crucial aspects of digital marketing. With SMO or social media optimization, experts can improve the social media content, thereby gaining multiple advantages. For instance, you can boost brand image, interact with customers and increase brand awareness. Moreover, it keeps you relevant on social media platforms. SMO is specifically designed to increase online visibility while handling customer interaction simultaneously. With SMO, you can build relationships and deepen the bond of trust with potential customers. Here, content plays a key role. That is why you need to ensure that the content is highly optimized. Apart from that, extensive research is absolutely critical for SMO. If you want success for your business, using SMO as a digital marketing strategy is an excellent idea.

12. Why use # tags?

Hashtags have gained massive prominence in the marketing world. With the use of the symbol “#” before the actual tag (word or words written together without space), you can post content on different social media platforms. It is an excellent way to grab the attention of similar-minded people. In the world of social media, hashtags are common and assist in searching. With hashtags, you can expand the organic reach of the content and get more followers. It is one of the best ways to grow the brand organically. If done right, you can use hashtags to solidify the brand image on social media sites. However, for that, you will need to pay more attention to the current trends and implement them.