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Build a bond of trust with excellent SEO content marketing services

Content marketing is an important part of digital marketing. With its wide array of benefits ranging from high website traffic to an increase in brand visibility, content marketing is the key to driving up revenue.

Obelisk Infotech is the leading content marketing service provider in the market. With our team of esteemed content writer professionals, we offer exceptional SEO content writing services. Our content development approach is based on the needs and requirements of our customers. We follow the guidelines of the search engine algorithms in order to gain that top position in the SERP ranking.

As your content writing services for SEO partner, we take care of the content aspect of your business with efficiency. From us, you can expect complete transparency from fees to the detailed description of the services that you can get from us.

We opt for the usage of the latest tools and devices to ensure that you get maximum benefits from our content writing services in India. Do you want to optimize your content? Drive-up the leads and conversion rates with our exceptional content marketing services.

Our content marketing services


Content strategy

The initial stage of content marketing starts with the development of an efficient content strategy. Our esteemed content strategists curate custom content, tailor-made to satisfy the needs and requirements of your business. For this, we conduct extensive research, identify the target audience and align the content with business goals.

Content development

After the content strategy is done and finalized, content development takes place. In this step, our team of skilled experts develops the content calendar for your brand. The amount of content you get depends on the plan made. Rest assured, you will get top-quality content from us.

Content creation

Content creation is the development of relevant, trending, and informative information that can attract user attention. We have a skilled team of writers dedicated to offering excellent content writing in India, fulfilling your business needs. No matter the content type you need, you can rely on us to deliver it.

Content optimization

Penning content is not enough to capture the user’s attention. You need to make the content visible too. For that, making sure that the content is SEO optimized is crucial. We offer reliable content optimization services where our certified professionals work on making the content SEO-friendly. That way, your brand site can gain a higher ranking in the search engine results.


Content distribution

Having high-quality, optimized content doesn’t mean that the work is over. Unless the content is distributed and promoted properly, the user engagement rate won’t increase. As a leading content marketing service provider, we have an extensive network of content writers in this domain. We use all possible channels to promote your brand content.

Content Reporting

Setting up the content marketing campaign is not enough. It is vital to keep a track of the metrics and check out the proceedings. That way, it becomes easy to make necessary changes and enhance the efficiency of the campaign. At Obelisk Infotech, we provide monthly content reports to our clients. We want you to be well-informed about what we are doing for your site.

Best Content Marketing Services

What do you mean by content marketing?

Content marketing is the part of the digital marketing campaign where relevant, yet informative content is created for the promotion of a brand. The main aim of content writing services for SEO is to attract and extend the existing customer base of your business. Content can be of various types, such as newsletters, blogs, social media posts, etc.

  • Extensive research on different content
  • Development of creative ideas
  • Creation of unique content
  • Implementation of the strategy.

Importance of content marketing

Content Helps You Rank

Content helps you rank

One of the most crucial factors in search engine rankings is content. To align with the SEO parameters, the content should have an optimal length of 600-700 words per webpage.

Content Drives Traffic

Content drives traffic

Top-quality content is a driving factor that can help you get more traffic to your website. People are bound to come back if you offer relevant yet accurate information.

Content Builds Brand

Content builds your brand

With high-quality SEO content writing services, brand building is possible. You can create brand awareness among the targeted audience and promote the product or service.

Content gets you links

Content gets you links

If you develop top-notch content, other websites will want to backlink their site with yours. If that site is well-reputed, you might get huge traffic.

Content builds trust

Content builds trust

The creation of content that offers value will generate a bond of trust between the brand and the consumers. You need to interact with them and gain their trust.

CTA increases conversions

CTA increases conversions

Placement of CTA in your content is a great way to generate leads and conversions. You can include the CTA in different areas of your content.

Different types of content that you can utilize in content marketing

Content marketing is not restricted to a single type of content. That is why despite its heavy usage on the digital landscape, content can still be unique. Sure, the categories remain the same, but the writing styles and techniques can make content stand apart from others. As the leading SEO content writing services agency, we boast of offering content that instantly outshines your brand from others.
There are various types of content that shape up the content marketing strategy of your brand. Take a look


Articles and blogs

Articles and blogs dominate the content domain in this digital landscape. The variation of topics makes it easy for brands to foray into the category and still maintain their uniqueness. With high-content blog content, you can increase the organic traffic rate to the website.


Podcasts have gained massive popularity in the last few years. The audio content type is a smart strategy to engage customers. It is, in fact, the best way to connect with people who do not like to read or invest much time. Brands can even launch their own podcasts to share insightful content.

White papers

White papers are informative content that offers valuable insights of an expert on complex issues. These take time to create and are thus not opted for often by brands. This long-form content can help your brand gain credibility in the market. You can also gain customer attention with ease.


The consumption of videos has increased exponentially in the past few years. With the increasing use of smartphones, more and more people view videos, making it an extremely popular content type. Professionals develop live videos to connect with targeted consumers in real-time. Brands often use live streams to offer updates, new product announcements, etc.

Email newsletter

Email newsletters are another content type that is often used by brands to deliver information to consumers. You can send these customized emails to let the readers know more about your products and the upcoming announcements of the brands. Here, the primary aim is to develop a catchy and meaningful headline.


Infographic is an interesting amalgamation of information and graphics. These are fun to read and don’t take much time for the reader to view it. Experts can use extreme creativity to make these facts and statistics engaging and exciting. Moreover, studies indicate that infographics are much more readily consumed than normal content.

Social media content

It is without a doubt that utilizing social media sites for your business is crucial for its success. Creating content that specifically caters to the social media channels helps to increase user engagement. Posting content pieces on social media platforms aid in the development of a bond between consumers and the brand.

How-to guides

The ever-increasing popularity of how-to guides in the past few years explains why most businesses want to use this content type. How-to guides are easy to write and offer relevant information about the products or services related to the brand. Here, trending topics have an important role in choosing the topics. If done right, the guides can become an instant hit!

Case studies

Case studies are one of the most critical content pieces to upload on your business website. These are not often seen on sites due to the time and effort that it takes to develop them. Creating these success stories establish your credibility in the market. With this informative content, you can offer help to the customers regarding their purchasing decision.

What makes us different?

Content marketing plays an important role in setting up the digital marketing campaign. In order to help you double up the conversion rates and increase overall revenues, we at Obelisk Infotech are here to help you out. Being the leading content marketing agency, you can expect top-notch SEO content writing services India from us. We offer strategies that are tailor-made for your business. All our content follows SEO standards.

Our team of SEO content writing services experts follows a well-developed process to create the best content marketing campaign for our clients. These include the development of strategy, creation of content, optimizing it, and promoting the content. We also provide monthly and weekly reports assessing the performance of the campaign.

With decades of expertise, we have adapted to the ever-changing digital space with efficiency. As the best content writing services for SEO agency, you can definitely rely on us to deliver high quality results within the stipulated timeline. We boast of a high client retention rate and strive to make sure that they are satisfied with our excellent services.

Obelisk Infotech uses industry-leading software to develop reliable content marketing strategies. Our team of experienced content writing professionals creates actionable plans that meet the business needs. You can expect an increase in the ROI of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can content marketing help in the growth of my business?

Content marketing is an excellent way to boost the growth of our business. For starters, you can use it to develop brand awareness. When done right, high-quality content will definitely get you the trust of your target audience, thereby increasing the number of loyal consumers. Apart from that, you can also generate leads, sales, and revenues.

2. Will I get leads for my business with content marketing?
With the best content marketing strategy, getting new leads is not a big deal. You need to develop top-grade content that can act as lead attractors. For instance, you need to upload eBooks, case studies, etc. Integrating a mailing index for access to this content will help you get a list of the interested customers. Now, you can engage these customers with your content, converting them to loyal customers.
3. How can Obelisk Infotech help me with content writing?

Yes, at Obelisk Infotech, we offer excellent content writing services. We boast of a team of dynamic and professional content writers with years of expertise. Moreover, they use different tools at their disposal to curate the best content for your brand. Rest assured, they are well aware of the current trends in content writing in India and know how to enhance your site’s visibility.

4. Does SEO align with content marketing?

Yes, SEO plays an intermittent role in content marketing. If you want the content to rank in the search engine, you will need to keep in mind the SEO factors. You need to make sure that the content satisfies the search intent of the given topics. Moreover, you also need to include internal links, HTML tags, meta descriptions, etc.

5. What are the price rates of content marketing services?

The price rates for excellent content marketing services vary based on a wide range of factors. These include the existing state of the SEO, the present campaign for content marketing, your business goals, the outcomes you want, the experience of the agency, etc. At Obelisk Infotech, we charge attractive price rates for our reliable content marketing services.