Obelisk Infotech Earns Clutch Industry Leader Award for Top Dental SEO & PPC Providers

Here at Obelisk Infotech, we have one main goal: help businesses
achieve higher
visibility through industry-leading digital marketing
services. Our team maintains a results-oriented approach with every
engagement to push our clients past their competitors. Because of our
consistency in delivering excellent work, Clutch, a B2B market
research firm, has highlighted us as a leader among dental
SEO and PPC firms!

Organizations and […]

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Obelisk Infotech Receives Another 5-Star Review on Clutch

SEO is a constantly changing field. From the rise in voice search, to the changes in Google’s algorithm, it’s important to work with a company that is on top of the latest trends.

Obelisk Infotech, we focus on results. Our customers come first, and
their success is our success! We focus on search engine optimization,
PPC […]

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50+ Tools to Automate Your Link Building

Are you a human link builder? If so, ask yourself this: “if a robot link builder existed, what would I still be able to do that it could not?”
Analyze a complex backlink profile and distinguish quality links from spammy ones? Check. Write a funny personal email that gets someone’s attention in the right way? Check. […]

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9 Steps to Improve Your Local SEO Strategy

Between ongoing search engines changes and a rapidly growing number of sites vying for local visibility, getting your website noticed requires an impressive feat of strength. But, it doesn’t have to consume all of your resources, and you can put a lot of your time and effort into improving your local SEO strategy. Most SEO […]

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SEO Guide: How to improve the ranking of your website

For many people SEO is a set of hidden tricks, performed only from some “SEO gurus” who know the secrets of Google. A few years ago, SEO was easier, as it was enough to create a landing page, add some keywords and build links, in order to achieve high rankings.
Nowadays, SEO became more complex and […]

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16 Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for Businesses

You probably know that Facebook is the number one social media platform, which most people use.

Apart from the fact that we are using it for chatting with our friends or sharing the things we love such as photos, videos, or even document files, some people especially business owners use it as their number one source […]

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Three good reasons to target long tail keywords!

Targeting potential customers who are ‘late’ in the buying cycle with long tail keywords, with Wordtracker – the leading keyword research tool. Take the 7-day free trial.

Seasoned professionals in the arena of online marketing know it’s clever to use keywords that target potential customers who are “late” in the buying cycle. So, how do you […]

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10 SEO tips for WordPress websites

What sense does it make to have a beautiful theme and a killer portfolio that isn’t search engine optimized?  Google, Bing, and Yahoo could care less about your pretty photos and web design.  They care about things like alt tags, file names, keywords, and hundreds of other really, really boring tech things.  Understanding those “boring tech things” […]

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Organic Rankings Now Affect Local, Google Says

Google has updated its document on local ranking signals to include more traditional ranking signals we’ve grown accustomed to in organic search. These include signals such as links, articles, and overall position in web rankings.

Google previously had a list of local ranking factors publicly available; Mike Blumenthal was first to notice an addition to the […]

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Google Reviews Can Now Be Left Without Google+

Google has loosened its restrictions on who can leave reviews. Once requiring a Google+ account, now reviews can be left whether signed in to a Google+ account or not.

To be clear, a Google account is still required, but a Google+ account is not. This was first spotted by Conrad O’Connell of, with further coverage […]

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