Google has made some great big changes in how it ranks websites recently. It has left enterprise companies with the very difficult task of reworking their search engine optimization (SEO) scheme across teams and departments.

For enterprise companies, here is a new SEO approach based on the experience working with great brands like Coca Cola, Target and IBM. This new SEO approach focuses on the key factors that matter the most for search engine results.

  • Keyword research and rethinking about the same

Many people argue that keyword research is a dying art. However, it has become a more sophisticated one. Roughly seventy percent of the searches of the engine’s are for the synonyms of keywords. They are not the exact keywords, though. These keywords need to be identified well by Google in order to bring the users to the correct place.

Google is now rooted towards the intent of the user versus the specific keywords used. This turns the search into more of a conversation than ever before. This means that the SEO experts are required to work more closely with the editorial board in order to develop important topics and themes. All this is for enterprise companies.

The important topics and themes are for enterprise companies that are more relevant to the interests of the audience. They also look for ways to create content that is inclusive of all the sorts of different things they may be searching for.

  • New rules for the adoption of content

For your content team, developing content for SEO might feel like old hat. This is why it is important to bring them up to date on the changing expectations of Google. All of this is for optimal content. A number of content factors has been identified by Search metrics that affect rank in 2022. These include word count, how keywords are distributed, internal links and also the utilization of header and meta-tags.

You can take a look at the infographics presented by search metrics regarding the factors or you can even put someone in charge of reading out the entire report and presenting the important features to your content teams.

  • The user experience is embracedt

Another major area that is greatly influencing search results is the user experience, known as the UX. The cross-platform compatibilities and the site speed have been diagnosed. They show that they affect search rank greatly. However, your enterprise teams will also obviously need to pay attention to the more nuanced variables of UX.

The more nuanced variables of UX are proper content structures and also useful internal linking. Optimizing for the relevant search engines and also optimizing for the website users were at times conflicting goals in the past. However, Google has moved a lot toward bridging that particular gap.

Your teams can be further encouraged in order to evaluate all the factors which influence how easily users interact with certain websites and the content is also bound to be valuable for both.

Public relations help us become more proactive Listing your site on web directories is a great link building strategy. However, it is outdated. The other link building strategies that are found to no longer work evidently are – posting links on low quality Web 2.0 sites and also leaving links in Forum comments. These can actually cause penalties in Google search.

There is a great value for legitimate, high-quality citations and mentions. The value is said to be extremely higher than ever before. It is essential to have at least a few people on the team who regularly reach out to publishers and influencers in the industries. These people also help in building great relationships. These people additionally help in earning high-quality links through extremely valuable mentions and citations on the platforms.

There is a lot of data present from and BuzzSumo. Additionally, there are well-researched content, opinion-forming journalism, long-form content, list posts and also “Why” posts which are all likely to garner a huge number of natural citations, as well as social shares.

Suppose a business operates at the national or international level. One of the biggest mistakes that an enterprise company can make is to completely ignore the importance of local search optimization. Obelisk Infotech has great research according to which the local search results rank number one around ninety-three per cent of the time.

The above happens when compared to over twenty-five per cent of the time in the older analyses. Suppose your business has no local presence at all. It will be increasingly likely that it will not rank in the search results.


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