For those businesses who need improvement in their visibility in local search results, these local SEO tips are for them. These are those businesses for which Google lists three local businesses and a map above their normal search results.

Depending on how your website is set up and also on your business, you might not be able to make use of all of these tips. However, implementing even a whopping seventy five percent of them is actually enough for most of the local businesses in order to rank highly in the local search results.

You firstly, need to have an address in the particular town or city that you are targeting. You will not be able to rank in the local search results for that particular location without an address over there. In the normal search results, you can however, still rank for localised keywords. These are normally displayed below the local business listings.

Your Google+ local page can be created as well as verified

You can verify your address by entering the PIN code that has been posted to you. Again, the website needs to be verified by linking to the Google+ local page from the website. Next, the email address is required to be verified by clicking on the link in the email that is sent to you. All of this needs to be done after creating your Google+ local page.

Removal of the duplicate Google+ local pages that are existing quite freely

On more than one Google+ local pages if your business’s name, address or phone numbers are listed, then it is necessary to delete those duplicate listings. You can check if you have login details for them. They can even be reported to Google if you do not have login details for them.

Total completion of your Google+ local page

You are required to write a over one-hundred-word description of your business. This includes your keywords as well as your services. You will also be required to provide the contact details and also the opening hours. You will also be required to upload at least five photos and one video.

You also need to decide what page of the website is required to be listed on the Google+ local page. You are also required to assess whether your homepage, another page on your site (contact, about us, services, etc.) or an entirely newly created page is actually the most relevant. This is in terms of on-site optimization (title tag, header tag, written content, etc.) to list on the Google+ local page.

You are required to select appropriate categories on the Google+ local page

You can choose categories which accurately describe the business you have and ensure that the category choices state what the business is rather than the services you provide or the products you sell. For example, dentist, cosmetic dentist, dental clinic, etc.

Utilize a local phone number

You are required to list a phone number with an area code associated to the particular town or city that you are targeting. This should be on both the Google+ local page and also on the very specific page of the website that is listed on the Google+ local page.

You are required to be consistent with the name of the business you have, the address and also the phone number. You are required to ensure that the business name, address and phone number listed on the Google+ local page exactly matches the business name, address and phone number on the very specific page of the website that is listed on the Google+ local page.

It should be easy for people to contact and find you

You need to put down your business address, phone number and email address in a clear and prominent position. Mainly, the position should be such that it doesn’t require the people to scroll down to see them. The position should be prominent on every page of the website and a contact form needs to be added to the side bar of the website or the footer.

A map of the business’s location should be added to the website

On Google Maps, you need to search for your business’s address. You need to click on the ‘Link’ button to get the embed code for the map. That particular code needs to be included on the website – ideally on the specific page of the website that is listed on the Google+ local page. But if that is not possible, you are required to include that code on your contact page.


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