Do you work on link building? Have you ever thought that if a robot link builder existed, what would you still be able to do that is different from how it works? A complex backlink profile can be analysed, and quality links can always be distinguished from a spammy one. You can always check.

You can write a sun personal email that gets someone’s attention in the proper way. Again, you can check. Deciding when a phone call might be the best outreach method. Again, check. Also, what exactly could the robot do faster and also better than you? Maybe it could find a link to every possible site. You can check again. SERPs can be quite automatically searched through, and every result could be connected to completely external data.

You can check again. On three different pages, contact information can be automatically searched for. This can be scored to how exactly closely it matches a person’s name. You can check again. Could data fields in a CRM be automatically pre-populated? You can check again.

Building on your strengths is a phrase we all have heard of. There is a great lesson for link building. The routine robot work is needed to be automated as much as is possible. We are required to spend more time doing whatever we are best at. This is known as being sentient as human link builders.

Certain tools have been developed to help link builders. Link builders can now shift their workload to artificially intelligent computers as much as is possible. This is what we will discuss in this post.

Backlinking of data

Backlinking of data is the most basic of all automation. Tools are required to research the backlinking profiles for the websites. These tools help to crawl the website and build a database of raw data about the backlinks.

At minimum levels, each tool provides a certain ability. This ability looks up the lists of all the pages linking to a particular URL or domain. Some include detailed information about the anchor text for each link. Other information such as type (text or image), following status, and the authority for the linking page is also available. In some cases, the options and the abilities to group, sort, search and filter the results is also present.

About the Majestic SEO –

A nicely-regarded index of link data is present with information. The information is about anchor text, authority, class C IPs and relevance. There is also the presence of great sorting and filtering. Several users complaint, however. The criticism is that their pricing and their user interface is slightly confusing.

Another tool is open site explorer. This is a very user-friendly tool indeed. It has anchor text data, and follows status as well as authority.

There is a great downside. It is the only downside. It is that the index may miss some links on the deep web. Yahoo site explorer is known for being relatively fast to find new connections. The other indexes are updated every month. However, this is limited because it can only return about one thousand links per page or domain.

No extra data is offered, such as following the status or filtering the capabilities. However, this is free. Also, an API is provided by the search engine Yahoo. This is called Yahoo BOSS. This, according to many users, is more trending than the website, or site explorer.

Google: the operator here leaves a lot to be desirable. Just because it is incomplete does not mean it is useless. Blekko: this is a new search engine that feels divine. This offers tons of features. Tons of great backlink data is available from a really deep index.

Backlink analysis for site-level

Backlink reports are offered by many tools at the level of the site or the URL. These are limited to only those data points that are made available. Suppose you need to filter a site’s backlinks down to only inbound links that are being followed. What do you do? Also, you want to use a toolbar page rank of at least five and not more than fifty outbound links.

Here is where the site-level backlink analysis tools enter. Traditional backlink data are gathered by these tools with a conventional set of backlink data. The lists are often compiled easily from one or multiple backlink data providers.

Diagnosis for links – these are powered by the tool Yahoo BOSS. A Firefox extension is utilized for pulling up to one thousand links per page, and the lookup metrics are also present. The toolbar Page Rank of every URL is present whether the link was actually found on the page or not. Additionally, options for follow status, anchor text of every link and aggregate levels are also present.

Wrapping up

There is a feature to use great tools. The feature is to remove the time and energy meter spent on low-value activities. It does not matter if it is an array of three 24* monitors on your desk or whether there is an Aeron chair or even the fancy link-building tools. The human link builder is uniquely suited to do this.


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