In the business landscape of today, if you were to track the rise of ecommerce, you will definitely have to go back to the dot com crash of 2000. The businesses that have survived the crash really quick despite a tanking economy have started adapting their selling methods. This is because even with an economy going down the drain, it will be clear that the internet will hold the key to the future of sales. You can also use SEO.

The U.S. census bureau released a report on the dollar amount of ecommerce sales that have taken place within the very first quarter of the year. The report was released in 2015. The total amount was a whopping 80.3 billion, to be exact. It is highly clear to witness that eCommerce is getting stronger day by day.

The customers of today have time management and convenience on their minds. This happens when it comes to purchasing those sweet luxury or necessity items that are being marketed to them. However, you have to be using the correct platform to maximize your sales potential to be on the A-game.

You might be struggling in order to create a pre-ordering option. This might be within the current eCommerce marketplace. You might also be anxious to find out how the warehousing setup will interact. The interaction is supposed to be based on the online retail stores. Plenty of eCommerce options is always out there in order to help your business to succeed.

The liberty of listing out some of the best platforms that we think small to midsize businesses should be utilizing right now has been taken. They are however in no particular order over here.

Symphony commerce

Symphony Commerce

Image Credit: Symphony Commerce

This is a SaaS or software as a service type of solution. SaaS can surely be a wonderful solution for businesses of varying sizes. SaaS is not just for huge businesses which can afford the overhead costs of farming projects out.
Symphony Commerce is a slightly more a typical SaaS platform. They market themselves as commerce as a service provider. Every brand is not equipped in transitioning its physical experience into a digital one. This can make hiring information technology or IT professionals to run into any online store a bit of a headache.

This is why, to the right sort of organization, Symphony commerce can be a bit of an asset. The architecture as well as the back-end duties can be offloaded. These can be critical in maintaining an online store. Anybody can focus on the core aspects of what makes a business successful.

Symphony commerce might not be for everyone. The pay as you go pricing formulation makes it an ideal option for a small but fast-growing organization. This is a great platform for those businesses that are running at a huge speed.
Suppose you are still in the phase of getting the business together. This is known as the do-it-yourself phase. It will certainly be better to build a small but highly functional online e-commerce platform with a nice site builder.


Squarespace Ecommerce

Squarespace is a finely and a fully loaded ecommerce platform that is highly affordable. As a small business, it can actually help you in selling. Another strength of Squarespace is the presence of an extravagant and a long list of templates. It does not matter which Squarespace template you select.

You can choose pretty beautiful layouts with Search engine optimization. Additionally, you do not need to know a stitch of coding. You shall be allowed to upload loads of an unlimited number of items. The items shall be uploaded to your online store. These uploads shall have full control of the inventory management.

This will mean that it will be extremely easy to offer various variants of the same product type as well as control the inventory stock. For the type of business that you can run on a work from home basis, Squarespace is a great eCommerce platform.


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