Seo is a great minefield of misinformation – as judged by several people out there. Even the advice might be highly conflicting. Everybody can be trusted – they have all been there. Someone has exclaimed that when they googled Seo for the first time, they were really overwhelmed by a mountain of anecdotes.

Even case studies and the best practices were present. A few tips could be picked up. For the most of the parts, however, no body could make heads or tails of what was read. There were several years of in the trenches marketing that was completely online. Additionally, there was PR work as well.

The pieces of the puzzle could be put together by some. Most of the best SEO successes have come right from old-school PR. When you do it right, PR equates to link building completely. There is also the practice of building back links to the site. This can be done to get higher rankings in case of search engines.

Link building is dead. This is a news that has come to light over the past few months. It has also been said that Google does not care about keywords anymore. The search engine is supposed to be much more concerned with extremely high-quality of content. Moreover, there are schema markups as well as social media shares.

People have been busy with start-ups. Hence, they might not have the time in order to keep up with the latest trends in the world of SEO. Someone has been very recently taking the time to make sense of the tricky Seo landscape, fortunately enough.

Backlinks are essential

Backlinks have still been found to be the number one most important ranking signal that Google utilizes. However, these are not just any backlinks. From a huge bunch of different domains, you require backlinks.

Suppose, you get a hundred backlinks from the same domain. This is not going to blast you to the very top of Google. However, it will be considered that you are in business in case you get a hundred backlinks from a hundred different domains.

The real question is how can someone get these backlinks? Do we need to spam ten thousand websites with blog comments? Just joking.

The best links that can be gained need to be contextual mentions from authoritative media outlets right away. These links are not only extremely valued by Google but they can bring about a boatload of traffic for booting. Here we discuss about how to get links using PR.

More bounces

Bounces are not just bad for the bottom line. Study says that they can throw a monkey wrench into the efforts of SEO.
Similar Web has published data where it has been found that websites with a high bounce rate tend to rank much lower in Google. This is when compared to those websites with a comparatively low bounce rate.

The data might suggest that bounce rates cause lower rankings. If people bounce off from any website like a trampoline, it really sends a message to Google that people do not like reading those contents. Google might downrank websites with loads of bounces and that makes complete sense.

Wrapping up

It has been mentioned in the report however that a low bounce rate may be a by-product of great content in general. If you write a kick-butt article in general, people are certainly going to stick around much longer. People might ask how to decrease the bounce rate?

Decreasing the bounce rate is not rocket science. Blog makers just make sure that their content is absolutely above the fold. It is the first few sentences that draw the people in. they are far more significantly likely to view another page if you can hook them quickly. Break the content inro several different halves or paragraphs to maintain bounce rate. Walls of text prove to be difficult for users to read.


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