Several website owners employ SEO agencies or freelancers to boost their online traffic from search engines. Ranking higher on search engines helps businesses to increase their leads and increase conversion rates for higher profits.

However, the recent digital landscape introduced AI or artificial intelligence and drastically altered the practices for content creation. The rise of AI-generated website content raises questions about how it works with SEO and if it is best for your website. 

What is AI-generated content?

Content created by AI or artificial intelligence is known as AI-generated content. Jasper AI or ChatGPT are AI writing tools that have gained hype since their release. After getting a prompt from a human, they examine every relevant content present in cyberspace and generate text that is easy to reposition from one platform to another.

Seeing how easy it is to create content, several businesses have given in to the temptation of trying these tools to produce website content. However, does this temptation lead to positive results, or will it drastically influence your profits? Let’s find out. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of AI-generated Content for SEO

While you have the power of AI tools, does it always positively impact your SEO content writing? To realize this, here are a few pros and cons of using AI-generated content. 


Using AI tools for your website and social platforms offers several benefits. These include as follows:

Fast and easy: When using AI-generated content, the best part is how fast it works and requires little to no effort. Writing the same piece of content, yourself can be time-consuming. However, an AI does it way too quickly. Writing AI tools generally create one paragraph in a few seconds. You can instruct your AI to create more content to produce a complete blog quickly.
Economical: Hiring a professional writer is expensive for generating website content. Instead, an AI tool will cost much less and is an ideal option for those with limited budgets.
More content: AI will help you create more website or social media content in a short period. With blogs and social media requiring regular post updates, this can help you save some time. 


AI-generated content has its downsides as well. Here is why.

Not Search Engine Optimized: Content generated with an AI does not promise optimization for search engines. Some tools may enable you to add only a few keywords. But you may need more than a few based on your content type and length. Hence, it requires appropriate keyword research to generate relevant content.

Inaccuracy: Whether it is ChatGPT or any other AI tool, the content they create will not always be completely accurate. Some may even fail to grasp the idea or context you are talking about. Hence, despite how easy and fast it may seem to create the content, you must spend time fact-checking the generated content. The AI tool will surely not free you from the trouble of checking for grammatical errors.

Unnatural: Considering a machine is creating the content, it can sound more unnatural or robotic because of the tool’s incapability to decipher the artistry of human language. You will again need to invest time in editing the content to make it sound more natural. 


Whether the AI-generated content is good or bad depends on what you do with the generated content. Straightaway publishing content without checking will not generate returns, as Google will penalize your content produced to increase rankings and not offer value. With Obelisk Infotech, you get fantastic services for writing SEO content. Focusing on client needs, you will receive fresh, relevant, and accurate content to help you rank higher on SERPs.

Sandeep Goel

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