Do you believe you are doing everything that you possibly can to drive traffic to your blog? Firstly, you are constantly emailing your subscribers. Secondly, you are even utilizing Facebook to disseminate your content.

How to capture the audience’s attention among all the noise is the concern of many.

For greater traction, beyond posting whatever articles have been penned down, what are the other ways to utilize Facebook? Here are some creative ways to drive traffic to a blog or an article via social media and Facebook.

The types of posts should be different

Creators have the tendency to create content in the exact same method. This mainly happens when content is shared by the organization on a regular basis. It is recommended to play around with content in different possible ways. Anyways there are already various types of content that do exist. Check which type of content resonates more with the consumers.
Simple and direct statements can be utilized very well. The audience should want to learn more about whatever is out there. You can also provide slightly more details about the content, product, or service you have brought to the frontline. Highlighting the main takeaways or the unique selling propositions can also work. A unique selling proposition is also known as USP.

Mention analytics

The analytics should be monitored. Which posts exactly are hoarding the most views and reactions should be monitored. The majority of posts shared in the future will benefit a lot from these analytics. MarketingProfs is a blog that provides a nice snapshot of varying post types. We will try to find out about many such tactics later in this blog.

Do a lot of image-related posts

We can notice that they are doing a lot of image-related posts nowadays. They customize one to align to their brand apart from sharing and posting. Their posts mainly contain a lot of photos rather than links, to be frank.

Replace conventional questions with interesting ones

“Do not miss our podcast,” was replaced by a question with a headphone emoji. This helped the text not to fall into the abyss of uninteresting text. Further, as you can notice, the post was broken up efficiently as well. Again, a customized graphic was also used. This featured their own branding at the very top, a photo of the presenter, and the date and the time of the podcasts. A basic stock photo of a microphone will not be able to resonate with the audience as much as this post.

Videos being featured in the feed

Videos have also been featured in the feed by MarketingProfs. Generally, videos are known nowadays as one of the post types with the highest organic reach of Facebook. Hence, uploading videos is highly beneficial to a news feed. You can even have some fun with this opportunity. Mean marketing tweets were read out by speakers in a video made by MarketingProfs.

Different types of questions should be used

Asking questions is another common strategy utilized highly by bloggers and brands. However, what kind of questions should be asked? To grab the reader’s attention, there are a variety of ways to position the said questions. A few examples can be provided here. One question asked if the audience knew that if they are not in the top five listings on TripAdvisor, they are losing out a lot? This highly anticipated question came out of Social Hospitality much like a teaser or a promo of a film. There was a lot of effect on the audience due to this burning teaser.

Getting the reader interested

The above was an example to entice the hospitality-focused reader. The readers are bound to think and take a step after reading the teaser, right? The readers will think about how their property ranks on TripAdvisor. Further, they will think about their own situation. As noted above, this is an example of a direct post. It leaves the reader wanting to know more.

Posting different kinds of questions

Recently, a different kind of question was promoted by Convince and Convert in one of their posts. The question seemed metaphorical and hypothetical. The post provided an entirely new connotation to the content of the blog post. It allowed the reader to think about the same in a new way. They wanted to learn more about the solution being proposed by the question in the post.

Wrapping up

There are other options to necessarily poll the audience present. To get their wheels turning, it is important to throw a question at them. People should always be encouraged to click after all with Search Engine Optimization.


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