It is your website which represents your brand in the digital world. The website lends your organization credibility and appeal. The web design for a certain site is responsible for engaging visitors, enticing them and transforming them into prospective consumers. Therefore, on the search engine page, the website needs to be highly ranked. SEO must also be incorporated nicely into the website for the brand. SEO boosts online traffic. There is a very common misconception and misinterpretation. It is that SEO is added after the website is created. This is not particularly necessary. SEO is often built-in into the website while it is designed. Even the first impression of the visitor is very important for the business. In creating that impression, the SEO factors play a really major role.

Explanation of the roles of SEO factors in web designing

Various SEO factors are present that can aid in making the website rank high on the result page of a particular search engine. Some of the most important factors will be presented to you by the section that follows. We can have an insight into the points.

Content that is unique and of quality

One of the most crucial parameters in Google’s algorithm is still top-notch quality content. This is utilized to rank the websites. The creators need to focus on the quality, type and placement of the content over here. It might so happen that even if the site is catchy and appealing, users might end up abandoning it. This also happens in cases where the content is not informative or is irrelevant.

Various types of content can be added, if required, to your website. It is said that content that is highly personalized and interactive tends to be more than three thousand words in length. Designers here use white space, visual content, bullets, subheadings and also legible font to make the content engaging.

Designs that are user friendly

The majority of people worldwide have already been in the culture of utilizing mobile phones since the last decade. Mobile phones are used to search for and purchase the required products and services. Mobile-friendliness is hence, considered by websites. It is considered a vital factor in SEO. Users must be able to see the content properly when they open the website on their phones. The videos and images present must also adapt to the screen size with a lot of ease. Mobile-friendliness is also a critical factor in Google’s algorithm for ranking websites on their search page apart from improving the user experience.

Opting for texts

HTML codes are preferred over images by search engines. The words of the texts need to be chosen very carefully in order to attain a better rank or a higher rank on the search engine. Therefore, it is imperative that key information is integrated in the form of HTML code rather than utilizing images. You need to focus on the usage of pictures, graphics and videos as well along with texts. To enhance the SEO factor, you can use them together. To drive more traffic to the website, for instance, you can add a caption to a video.

Usability by websites

The easiness with which visitors can check out the site is known as website usability. This includes navigation, order placement, etc. Searching products and signup is also essential. Attractive yet simple is the mantra. You must keep the fact in mind that everyone is not accustomed to using technologies when designing your website. For this, it is essential to make sure that first-time users find it very easy to navigate and utilize the site.

A direct and powerful bond is created with SEO by usability. Users tend to immediately switch to the website of another similar company if they find your website difficult to use. Again, on top of this, the chances of coming back to your website is pretty less.

Images are optimized

It has been known that poorly optimized images can impact SEO negatively. One of the most vital parameters in SEO is image optimization. For images, website designers need to absolutely focus on the usage of the supported formats. JPEG is one of the most popular image formats. Resizing images to prevent slowing down the site is necessary moreover.

Choosing lazy loading

Are multiple images all in a website? Opting for lazy loading is an excellent idea in this case. During loading time, it is a popular method. Resources are directed to critical information during the loading time. To load key information quickly is the main function of lazy loading. Users can gain access to it as soon as possible. It takes lesser time to download unnecessary files therefore.

Wrapping up

Undoubtedly, SEO is a rather difficult tool to incorporate when a website is designed. The site is mobile-friendly and optimized is all you need to make sure of. Hence, the user experience can be made easy and simple. You must also focus on posting small files, simple navigation and high-quality content moreover. These SEO factors should be kept intact and they will definitely help the developers of your organization in improving the web design for the site.


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