Definitely, there are certain things that can be done to increase your chances of getting ranked higher on google searches. It is fortunately not too late for you to begin doing this and constructing an SEO plan.

How to get more SEO traffic?

The page loading time is crucial. Google recognizes the time taken in order to load a page pretty easily. This harms your rankings. However, a slow website impacts the way in which the particular website visitors engage with the respective pages. The result is that the interactions are ranked as negative. The negative interactions decrease your ranking. Abandonment rates increase overall for slower loading times.

Too slow is how much slow?

Forty percent of visitors shall abandon websites if the page takes longer than three seconds to load. Another shocking fact to add to this is that over eighty percent of these visitors will not even return to that particular website. Really terrible for your SEO ranking this is. This ultimately kills the very organic traffic to your site. People only keep coming back if the page loads fast on the flip side.

Your website’s popularity should be recognized by Google’s algorithm and your search ranking should be adjusted accordingly. This is why it is extremely important to optimize. Optimization of both the page speed and the server response time is crucial. Test the speed of your website immensely. Online services such as Pingdom are available for this purpose for free. This particular website should allow you to conduct speed test for your website.

Suppose you find that your site is indeed running slow. Check out your website theme, composition and plugins then. Slow servers are culprits. You need to check out the list of the best web hosting providers and also transfer to a new host.

High quality content is required to be produced

Think how often do you update your sites? You most probably do not have a great SEO ranking right now if you have not touched it since the day, you built it. Drive more traffic to your website easily. Also increase its popularity and you need to give visitors a reason to keep coming back. The content needs to be crisp, of high quality, recent and relevant.

So-called dwell time is another factor which highly impacts the seo ranking. This solely relates to exactly how much time people would like to spend on your website for every visit. The site should have read worthy information. This will engage visitors properly and result in improving the dwell time. Highly informative content on websites results in nicer dwelling times. You can even save your content ideas all in a single place.

Google has nearly forty five percent of the internet browser market share. This makes it the most popular browser in the world. These numbers should continue to rise because chrome was also the most downloaded browser in 2017. Something can help your SEO ranking. This is when users bookmark your website from a Google Chrome browser. Higher quality content increases the chances of your website known by your visitors.

Image optimization

It is well known that pictures and other images look great on websites. However, you need to make sure of one thing. The images should be optimized properly in case you need these images in order to improve the ranking of your seo. Factors such as file format and size should be referred to. Worthy to know that huge images have a disadvantage. These can slow your page loading time. This makes your ranking bad.

So, what to do exactly to say goodbye to these kinds of problems? For instance, you can definitely resize or compress your images in order to optimize them. Another trick is also present. Sneak in keywords by utilizing the images and naming them accordingly. Let us say there is a website that sells toiletries or other bathing accessories. Do not name an image with something like shampoo1, instead name it best shampoo for long hair. Utilize keywords strategically in the title of the image, the caption and the description.

With header tags, break up the content

Another method to help improve the user experience on a particular website are headings. These break up the content overall. The content becomes easier to see as well as read or study. Headers make everything look for more beautiful, right? This is always beneficial. Your website should never turn out to be just a wall of text. If this happens, this is definitely going to discourage people from spending a long time on it. Your SEO ranking might suffer as a result. Easily change the header tags if you are running your site on WordPress. Header tags can be utilized for all the websites and the blog posts as well. Start using this tool asap if you are not already using it. It is highly recommended.

Begin blogging

Blogging is a great way to increase business. In fact, it is an outstanding tool for the sole purpose of lead generation. Helps you to engage with visitors to your website. Most people might not realise this but blogging also improves SEO rankings. Here is the reason. Producing fresh, updated and relevant content can get people to your particular website. Further, that can give them a reason to stay on the relevant pages for a while.

Wrapping up

Search engine optimization is not going to phase out anytime soon. It is something that your website needs to take care of now and in the future. Additionally, keyword research is also required. Suppose you are just beginning to focus on SEO, you might be a little bit behind. However, it is definitely not too late to utilize the strategies. It is best not to get overwhelmed. You can start with a few and then move on to the others.


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