Poor Page rank. We all knew about it, right? We have all utilized it in so many different ways! We have also been praising it a lot. However, Page rank is finally dead. At least when it comes to search engine optimization or Seo, scoring, and optimizations – the world has completely changed ultimately

We all have had a minimum amount of time in order to get adjected properly as an industry. John Mueller in 2013 announced that Google will no longer be updating Toolbar Page rank. It will have a system in order to rank the web pages that are based on value.

Since that bomb dropped, in the upcoming two years, we all have redefined the entire essence of what really is important when it comes to Seo measurements. Trust flow is an absolutely new scoring model that has emerged.

Majestic Seo has created trust flow. Trust flow is a metric which determines the quality of a website that is based on the links with other sites in the niche. To Google, great content and quality links have always been of primary importance. However, there is now a greater emphasis on well linking.

There are the topical rankings which also appeal better to the value-based search systems that Google is promoting on the very modern internet. What exactly does this mean to digital marketing strategists? You always want to make sure that the website is linking to the other high-quality digital marketing websites, in a nutshell. We discuss here a few other important things to know about trust flow.

Page rank might be dead. However, keywords live on.

Some marketers have declared that keywords are dead. However, this has happened after the shift to quality content and backlinking. It is far more important now than ever in order to practice great keyword usages in truth. Basically, words that are absolutely appropriate to the niche and the audience can also be utilized.

The usage of the strong keywords is great for the industry as a whole. They help you also to better connect with the audiences. Help champion the end of keyword stuffing with the huge move away from the old school Page rank model. In an attempt to manipulate a website’s ranking in Google search engine results, this practice of loading a webpage with keywords or numbers is not good.

Trust flow attempts to end the futile tries of loading a webpage with keywords or numbers to manipulate the website’s ranking. Instead, trust flow facilitates the landscape of quality, not quantity.

Suppose you are just kicking off the first keyword-centric Seo strategy. You should definitely begin with the absolute gold standards. One of the best methods to assist you in finding the most optimized keywords and bringing in the most quality leads is Google AdWords. You can easily combine it with a data-capture solution as well. You will know what brings the powerful data and the prospects on your website.

Additionally, you will also know how to have powerful data and prospects on your website. For all of this, you can simply combine trust flow with a data-capture solution. Quality is much more important than quantity when backlinks are concerned
Producing content regularly is very high on Google’s list of demands. However, creating relevant and topical content is also more and more important.

By delivering the messaging that is on topic, or by creating content for the market, we can become geared towards addressing the requirements of the audiences. Thus, we can obviously attract more relevant users in a much higher manner to a certain webpage. A bump in the authority scores can also be enjoyed. This is on the particular topic in question.

So how exactly does trust flow work? The process is pretty simple, of course. You rank much better in Google when your trust flow is higher or the back-linking quality is higher.


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