Whether you are a business owner or a digital marketing enthusiast, you must have come across the term SEO. And since you are here, we are pretty sure that you have asked this question numerous times – are SEO certifications worth it? Well, before we get any further, the short answer is yes. But, with so many SEO courses and certifications available, which one should you go for? Which SEO certificate will set you apart from the crowd and help you kickstart your digital marketing career?

To answer these questions and help you get started, we have curated this article on the top 6 SEO certifications that are opted for the industry’s best. We have included a few free and paid certifications to help you choose one based on your preferences. So, what are you waiting for? Jump right into it and get started with the industry’s top SEO certifications.

What Are SEO Certifications?

SEO certifications are credentials offered by companies to companies, brands, and individuals that verify that you have completed their SEO course. Unlike other degrees or industry fields, there is no single SEO certification that is widely recognized. Although this might seem like a disadvantage, it does make sense because SEO is a large discipline that includes several concepts and skills.

Should You Get A Free SEO Certification Or A Paid One?

Numerous businesses and academic institutions offer their own SEO courses and certifications that are often pricey. The main point to keep in mind is that you must determine whether the certification is worth it or not based on the learnings and skills it offers. You will also be able to find out several free SEO guides on the internet. If you think that a free SEO certification course divulges everything you need to start a career in the industry, you are good to go.

Which Are the Top SEO Certificates To Check Out?

To help you get started in the SEO industry as soon as possible, we have put together a list of the top SEO certificates that you must check out. You will find both free and paid SEO certifications that will help you dive into SEO fundamental concepts and get started in the industry.

1.  Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing Certification By Google

  • Level – Beginner
  • Hours – 40
  • Price – Free

A popular Google SEO certification, Fundamentals of Digital Marketing certification provides learners with an overview of the digital marketing industry. It provides guides to help learners get started with website analytics, content marketing, SEO, SEM, and other important digital marketing concepts.

2.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization By UC Davis

  • Level – Beginner to Intermediate
  • Hours – Approximately 120
  • Price – Free for learning; Paid for certification (Coursera’s subscription fee)

SEO specialization by UC Davis deals with important SEO concepts that allow learners to ensure that websites have the best possible SERP rankings by the end of the course. It includes five sub courses, each of which comes with an exam at the end of it (you need to pay to be able to take the exam).

3.  All-Around SEO Training By Yoast

  • Level – Beginners to Intermediate
  • Hours – 3
  • Price – $99 with a year of access to the course and Yoast SEO plugin

The All-Around SEO Training by Yoast offers learners with instructional videos, quizzes, and checklists to help them create a strong foundation of SEO concepts. Once you have successfully passed the course, you will get a Yoast certification that you can add to your resume.

4.  SEO Certification Course By HubSpot Academy

  • Level – Beginners to Intermediate to Advanced
  • Hours – Over 2
  • Price – Free

With this course, you not only get access to Hubspot’s SEO guides but also get a HubSpot SEO certification that you can show off. The best part is that HubSpot Academy is completely free and offers resources for all learning levels.

5.  Greg Gifford’s SEO Fundamentals Course By Semrush

  • Level – Beginner
  • Hours – 4 hours of course and 30 minutes of exam
  • Price – Free

Semrush does not bundle the exam and course together, but both of these are free. The course is perfect for beginners who are looking for resources to better grasp SEO fundamentals and drive more traffic and customers to their website.

6.  Moz Training Academy

  • Level – Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced
  • Hours – Different durations
  • Price – One free course with other certifications priced at $395 or $595

Moz Training Academy offers learners a wide range of courses that are curated by industry experts and professionals. Whether you are a beginner, or at an intermediate level, or an expert, Moz Training Academy surely has something for you!


With so many SEO certifications available in the industry, it can be difficult to choose one. But, we hope the above article helped you find a certification that suits your needs the best. If you are looking for SEO help and want to take the burden of boosting your SERP ranking off your shoulders, get in touch with a professional company offering SEO services. This will allow you to get in touch with an expert with years of professional SEO experience.

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