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10 SEO tips for WordPress websites

What sense does it make to have a beautiful theme and a killer portfolio that isn’t search engine optimized?  Google, Bing, and Yahoo could care less about your pretty photos and web design.  They care about things like alt tags, file names, keywords, and hundreds of other really, really boring tech things.  Understanding those “boring tech things” […]

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Organic Rankings Now Affect Local, Google Says

Google has updated its document on local ranking signals to include more traditional ranking signals we’ve grown accustomed to in organic search. These include signals such as links, articles, and overall position in web rankings.

Google previously had a list of local ranking factors publicly available; Mike Blumenthal was first to notice an addition to the […]

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Google Reviews Can Now Be Left Without Google+

Google has loosened its restrictions on who can leave reviews. Once requiring a Google+ account, now reviews can be left whether signed in to a Google+ account or not.

To be clear, a Google account is still required, but a Google+ account is not. This was first spotted by Conrad O’Connell of, with further coverage […]

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8 Creative Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog with Facebook

You’re doing everything you can to drive traffic to your blog. You’re emailing your subscribers. You’re using Facebook to disseminate content.

The problem is, with so much happening on Facebook, how do you capture your audience’s attention among all the noise?

Beyond posting when a new article goes live, what are the other ways to utilize Facebook […]

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The Definitive Guide To Google Authorship Markup

At SMX Advanced 2011, Matt Cutts announced the Google initiative to begin attributing content to original authors. Since that time, the process in which authors and websites attribute content to authors has evolved. A lot. Many times over, in fact.

If you’ve heard about Google authorship markup, but have been confused as to how to get […]

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Local SEO Tips & Advice

These local SEO tips are for businesses who want to improve their visibility in local search results, which are those for which Google lists 3 local businesses and a map above their normal search results.

Depending on your business, and how your website is set-up, you might not be able to implement all of these tips, […]

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Building a Keyword-Driven Content-Marketing Strategy Is Key

It’s a common misconception that SEO and content marketing are two mutually exclusive business strategies. They’re not. In a way, it used to be true — keyword-stuffing once helped pages get ranked well, even if the content wasn’t valuable.

Now, that’s not the case. Search algorithms have succeeded at offering the valuable content that people are looking for […]

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It’s Time to Rethink Your SEO Approach for 2016

Recently, Google has made some big changes in how it ranks websites, leaving enterprise companies with the difficult task of reworking their search engine optimization (SEO) strategy across teams and departments.

Here is a new SEO approach for enterprise companies, based on my experience working with brands like Coca Cola, Target and IBM, and focusing on the […]

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3 Reasons Your SEO Efforts Are Failing

Implementing a search engine optimization strategy isn’t enough to get you on the first page of Google’s search results.

Even with an SEO plan in place, there is a good chance it isn’t working the way you hoped.

There are a number of reasons your SEO strategy is failing to get you to the coveted front page. […]

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17 Ways To Immediately Improve Your Website Traffic

As entrepreneurs we can often feel like the deck is stacked against us when it comes to the digital world. We don’t have the same budgets as our massive competitors, nor do we have the army of marketers that they can employ. So how can a small- or medium-sized business, against overwhelming odds, carve out […]

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