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Local SEO services

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Obelisk Infotech boasts of being the best local SEO company in India, offering exceptional services to our diversified clientele. With years of expertise, you can expect hassle-free yet reliable local SEO services India. We provide top-notch local SEO services catering to your business needs and goals. That means, with us, getting tailor-made local SEO solutions is easy.

With a personalized SEO strategy, efficient ideas, and excellent implementation, we execute the best local SEO campaigns. Apart from that, we provide regular reporting to our clients. That way, you can track the progress of the campaign with ease.

Local SEO services that we offer

Local Optimization

Local Optimization

Local optimization refers to the tactics used to ensure that the website gets increased traffic from local searches. Our local SEO experts use innovative ideas to offer local SEO services.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Local landing pages are particularly crucial to attract local customers to your business. Here, our SEO specialists use location-specific strategies dedicated to improving the SEO of the site.

GMB Listing Optimization

GMB Listing Optimization

GMB or Google My Business is one of the most essential ways to improve the local search engine rankings. We will help you fill out the business profile with excellent google maps SEO services.

Local Citations

Local Citations

One of the ranking factors in local SEO is local citations. That is why it is a must for your business to be enlisted in trusted places online.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

ORM or online reputation management is essential for local businesses to maintain their reputation in the market. Responding to negative reviews and monitoring mentions is part of the strategy.

Content Creation for Local SEO

Content Creation

Being one of the best local SEO companies in India, our esteemed SEO experts research the content that people need in a particular location. Posting content that satisfies local user needs is crucial for your business visibility.

Can local SEO services aid in business growth? Take a look


Why choose Obelisk Infotech for local SEO services?

Obelisk Infotech is the leading digital marketing service provider, offering excellent local SEO services. We have an efficient team of SEO experts with advanced knowledge of different local SEO tactics.

As the best local SEO company in India, our team of experts assess the site and then implement strategies to improve the SEO.


How will local SEO impact my business?

The importance of local SEO in companies is massive, and that is exactly why it is so crucial. With local SEO, businesses having physical locations benefit a great deal. It is an excellent way to surge the visibility of the brand.


How much experience you have in local SEO optimization?

With more than a decade in the industry, we have accumulated vast knowledge in local SEO optimization. Being the best local SEO company, we ensure that your business attains maximum profit from our local SEO services.


What are the different ranking factors in local SEO?

There are various ranking factors that play a crucial role in local SEO ranking. These include links, on-page SEO optimization, GBP, customized content, citations, and more.


How will Obelisk Infotech approach local SEO campaigns?

Obelisk Infotech has a customized and result-driven approach, enabling us to offer excellent local SEO services in India. We assess the needs of your business and then conduct extensive research on the market. After that, we proceed with SEO campaigns that aid in increasing your local search engine ranking.

Our results-driven process for local SEO

Technical audit

In essence, the technical audit for local SEO determines the condition of a specific web page in the SERP rankings. Here, our google maps SEO experts use the data assessed to improve the conditions within the website. It is an excellent way to increase site conversion rates and overall sales and revenues with ease.

Client requirements

After that, we have a thorough and open conversation with our clients. It is to ensure that we have an accurate understanding of the needs and goals of the client’s business. That will help our team of certified SEO experts to formulate the best strategies to improve the local SEO for the brand site.

Keyword research analysis

The next step that we follow is keyword research and analysis. Here, our crew of experienced professionals searches keywords that have an impressive search volume. Our comprehensive local SEO services in India include the usage of frequently used keywords to develop an effective campaign. Here, we ensure that the keywords have local intent for maximum optimization.

Content strategy and marketing

Content strategy and marketing is an essential part of creating an efficient local SEO campaign. Content marketing such as posting local content, posting guest posts, participating in local activities, etc., are excellent techniques. As the best local SEO company, we aim to increase the traffic rate while focusing on the quality of the traffic.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to the set of practices that ensures that the website matches the technical needs of the search engines. Our SEO experts focus on improving the elements that determine technical SEO, such as rendering, crawling, etc. That way, search engine algorithm can track the site for ranking with ease.

Link building and off-page SEO

Off-page SEO covers the different techniques that are conducted from places other than the website. One excellent yet reliable tactic is link building. As the best local SEO company, you can rely on our skilled experts to gather high-quality backlinks from different trustworthy websites. It is an excellent way for the brand to develop authenticity in the online domain with ease.


Project management

Handling local SEO projects is not an easy feat. That is why we have certified SEO project managers to offer guidance in handling the projects. That way, you can relax knowing that your website is under the services of SEO experts. The entire planning and implementation of the local SEO campaign will be shared with you.

Keep monitoring

We are well aware of the need for constant monitoring of the local SEO campaigns. As the best local SEO company, we keep a track of the campaign and assess the metrics for further improvement. The information from the metrics can be used to make changes that will further facilitate the growth of your business.

Keep reporting

We offer daily and monthly reports to keep you updated on the ongoing local SEO campaigns. You can rely on our in-depth reports to know more about the progress of the campaigns. Our experts await feedback from your end in order to implement changes if needed.
Custom Local SEO Services

Obtain an increase in lead generation with custom local SEO services

Lead generation and local SEO go hand in hand. With our custom local SEO strategies, you can now drive potential customers to your site. That will generate a steady flow of leads, which will drive up the conversion rate.

Partnering with Obelisk Infotech will help you get more leads, boosting the sales and revenue of the brand.

Top qualities of the leading local SEO service provider

Do you want to opt for the best local SEO service provider? In that case, you need to look for some crucial parameters. After all, the growth of your business depends on it.


The quality of the services they offer

Before you hire any google maps SEO company, you need to be sure that they offer top-grade services. You don’t want to invest in an agency that will ultimately provide half-baked services. For that, assess their portfolio and see the success rates.

If they have managed to rank websites in the top slots on local search engines, you are in good hands. Otherwise, you might not get satisfactory outcomes. When you decide to make a substantial investment, expecting favorable results is not absurd.


Availability of testimonials and reviews

One of the most significant aspects you need to consider is the reviews and feedback. If these are available to you on public platforms, that’s a good sign. Check them out before you make any final decision. You don’t want to have any regrets later.

Testimonials and reviews are essential in offering credibility to your prospects. It means that you have earned the trust of the clients and that is why they have provided positive feedback in return.

However, expecting a 100% positive review is weird. No agency can actually satisfy each of its customers. There will always be some that aren’t satisfied. If the company has more positive reviews and a few negative ones, it’s a good choice.


Transparency and robust communication

Communication is extremely crucial while dealing with clients. You need to have multiple forms of communication so that there is no gap or issue that might affect the work quality. That is why Obelisk Infotech maintains a dynamic communication system with all the clients.

Apart from that, we practice transparency in our services and price rates. Ask any queries you might have, and our experts will resolve them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is local SEO important for your business?

Yes, local SEO is important for your business. You can enjoy a wide range of benefits such as getting more customers, increasing brand awareness, enhancing the traffic rate, staying ahead of the competition, etc.

2. Can Obelisk Infotech aid in the growth of local SEO of your business?

Yes, we at Obelisk Infotech offer excellent local SEO services in India. For that, our team of SEO experts assesses your business needs. After that, we curate the best strategies based on current trends, the latest technology, and client requirements.

3. Can On-page SEO help local SEO?

On-page SEO tactics can definitely aid local SEO. For instance, you need to ensure that the business information present online is updated. These include the phone number, address, and business name. Apart from that, utilizing header tags is crucial to acquiring more customers.

4. What budget must you keep aside for local SEO services?
There is no fixed amount that you will need to allocate for local SEO services. There are several factors that you must consider. These include your business location, keywords quality, competition in the market, etc. At Obelisk Infotech, we focus on customizing our local SEO services to meet client needs.
5. Can you guarantee results on local SEO services?

Sadly, there is no ethical SEO agency that can actually offer a 100% guarantee on results on local SEO services. That is mainly due to the ever-changing digital landscape and the frequent updates of the major search engines, especially Google. We at Obelisk Infotech are constantly monitoring the recent updates of Google to make sure that the local SEO campaign is up-to-date. Moreover, our SEO experts opt for ethical practice to ensure that you get high rankings in the local SERP. Rest assured, even without explicit guarantees, we offer exceptional services.

6. How long will it take for the website to get ranking on the first page after opting for the local SEO services?
The time that it will take for your website to gain top slots in the local search engine rankings varies. There is no distinct timeframe that can be followed. It is important to understand that Google ranks the websites on more than 200 factors. Making sure that all of these are optimized is a real challenge. At Obelisk Infotech, our SEO experts take up this challenge and ensure that you have an outstanding local SEO campaign. Usually, it takes anywhere between three to six months to get the desired results.
7. How are we different from other competitors in the market?

Obelisk Infotech is a market leader in local SEO services. With the assistance of our team of esteemed SEO professionals, we provide high-quality SEO services dedicated to improving the local SEO of your website. Our SEO experts have a result-driven approach that offers exceptional results. We also pay special importance to ethical standards. With us as your local SEO partner, you can now witness a boost in your revenue.